Air Force Squad APK 1.0.1 [Full Game] Download for Android

Idle Planes: Air Force Squad APK brings stress-free battles. Where players will create power-fed planes and become pilots to complete assigned missions. These are relentless fights, just one wrong decision can cost you a lot.

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Introduction About Idle Aircraft: Air Force Division

Idle Planes: Air Force Squadron – Build an Air Squadron with clicker mechanics

Any of us aspire to be a leader and fly in the big sky. But believe me, this will not be easy, especially in wartime. Join Idle Planes: Air Force Squad and you will better understand the activities related to military planes. Accordingly, you will be directly responsible for the production of unique aircraft models to be ready for each battle.

All of this content is for mobile devices by the publisher by Aliens. More specifically, players just need to use the clicker mode to become the best military fleet builder ever. Currently, this is a game released on Google Play in a pre-registration format. If you want to be one of the first to enjoy it, download the APK via the link at the bottom of the article.

Construction of a military aviation production area

Idle Planes: The Air Force squad gives players access to large aircraft production areas. All active links for the development of the most powerful facilities will take place here. You will become the supreme commander in this place. Thus, you can direct the activities related to the production and improvement of the aircraft and personnel here.

All assembly of bases and coordinate plane will be made into parts for ease of observation by players. More specifically, you’ll start out by collecting new pieces and putting them together to complete and hand them over to the military for profit. Proceeds will be reused to purchase new resources to create better military aircraft in the future.

Parallel to enemy attacks

After completing any military aircraft, the player directly controls it in passive battles. This is also great for you to check the strength and level of your server bay. The air raid battles in Idle Planes: Air Squad are very fierce. You need to switch constantly to dodge bullets from the enemy, and their power will increase over time.

This means that you have to constantly improve your plane if you do not want to die in inactive battles. Besides, you will get more valuable rewards if you survive to survive long enough in air battles. To be that person, the machine bay must be a sufficient method to make up for the history of the powerful method

Believe me, the combination of fighters in Idle Planes: Air Force Squad will make you feel amazing from the first experience. This game presents a lot of famous military aircraft models from the past to the present. Each aircraft model will have its advantages and disadvantages, so you will approach it in different ways. Initially, the system only allowed players to unlock some basic planes. After upgrading to maximum power, you are entitled to access and create more perfect aircraft models.

Constantly upgrade to increase efficiency

The strength of the fighters will be shown in the game through the available parameters. A powerful military aircraft will have effective combat and defense stats. Therefore, you need to use the money you earn constantly after each air battle to upgrade your strength. The upgrade method is also very simple. Just touch the appropriate upgrade indicator and the plane will change automatically.

The graphics are simple but very attractive

The graphic quality of Idle Planes: Air Force Squad is very good with fine detail on the screen. Players will immediately be interested in the very well-designed military aircraft that look like reality. At the same time, the game interface is also very reasonably arranged so that any player can approach it at the first time. You can easily see categories like Vehicle, Building, Campaign, Daily Reward and Shopping. Click on any category to play as you wish.

How to install Idle Planes: Air Force Squad

Step 1: Download Idle Planes: Air Force Squad APK developed by

Step 2: On your Android phone, unlock the Unknown Sources.

Step 3: Open the Idle Planes file: Air Force Select Install.

Step 4: Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation and play the game.

Download Idle Planes: Air Force Squad APK For Android

Idle Planes: Air Force Squad is truly one of the most attractive fighter aircraft systems building games at the moment. This game will not require players to perform a lot of operations during the experience. Instead, there are simple tap elements that help you create the best planes in each air battle.

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