Animals MOD APK 1.18.30319 (Unlimited Water) for Android

The awesome FarmVille farming game series is back, and this time, it will introduce you to your latest adventures with exciting animal themes. Here, you can enjoy the classic farming game, along with many innovative in-game features that you may find interesting for sure. Thus, making the game an indispensable title for gamers on mobile devices.

Discover yourself and explore the great gameplay experience of FarmVille 3 as you take advantage of the in-game features and unleash your ultimate farming expertise through this fresh and new farming gameplay.

Get your own all-new farm with many interesting features to look at and explore. Enjoy playing as a handy and cunning farmer in the wonderful gameplay of FarmVille 3 animals as you introduce adorable livestock to your new farms. Besides planting and harvesting crops, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the game in a more enjoyable way.

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a story

The game offers Android players a farming gameplay with good old FarmVille elements that you might definitely find interesting. But this time, you will find yourself exploring and enjoying the innovative gameplay with your fully loaded barns, which features multiple animals with a unique gaming experience.

Embark on your farming adventure as you stop at a dilapidated farmhouse. Here, you can introduce Mary, your helpful teacher, to your farming business and help you with various tasks on the farm. Start your journey when you start tilting your fields and growing multiple crops. Complete the orders requested by the villagers and win special rewards.

Most importantly, you can start repairing the dilapidated barns and start putting the animals inside. Enjoy raising amazing livestock and make them produce incredible agricultural products. Pick up delicious pots of milk from your cows, beautiful furs from sheep, gorgeous eggs from chickens, and more. Feel free to explore and enjoy the wonderful in-game experiences as you catch more and more interesting animals. Turn your farm into a wonderful place for animals to live. Meanwhile, you find yourself participating in all kinds of exciting stories within the game.

FarmVille 3 Animals screen 1


Here are all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Enjoy the classic FarmVille

To get you started, Android gamers in FarmVille 3 – Animals will find themselves enjoying the classic FarmVille game that many of you have fallen in love with. Feel free to enjoy exciting in-game experiences with the many farming activities available, from managing fields to fun barns. You can also engage in business or enjoy exciting in-game stories. Enjoy building and designing your own unique farm with great features.

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Exciting farming story and fun missions

Speaking of which, Android players in FarmVille 3 – Animals will find themselves enjoying exciting farming stories and interesting missions as you embark on your new journeys. Discover the immersive game world where players can interact with multiple in-game characters. Complete certain requests from villagers and explore certain missions as you participate in the gameplay. Explore and enjoy a captivating story that will take you on multiple journeys of your FarmVille adventure.

Make your farms contain amazing animals

Moreover, to make the game more interesting and unique, in this new version of FarmVille, Android players will find themselves having access to amazing livestock. However, FarmVille 3 – Animals offers more in-depth and interesting in-game elements than any other previous FarmVille games, which will surely entertain most players.

Start by introducing yourself to the larger barn, where you can now introduce many new animals and enjoy more immersive gameplay. Feel free to breed multiple farm animals, as well as discover new breeds and unlock your own rewards.

Take advantage of the in-depth features of the game to effectively raise and raise your beloved animals. Take care of them through a variety of activities from feeding and cleaning to improving their coops. FarmVille 3 – Animals will allow players to enjoy their ultimate farming experiences like never before.

FarmVille 3 Animals 4 screen

A variety of different crops to grow

In addition to this, the game also maintains the exciting elements of farming, as players are allowed to grow multiple crops in their fields. With well-expanded crop collections, players will now have better access to new crops than any of the previous games. Plus, with improved tools and control mechanisms, you will definitely find farming jobs less challenging and more comfortable. Thus, allowing players to focus on more interesting factors in the game.

Enjoy realistic gameplay with dynamic atmosphere

More importantly, with realistic gameplay and dynamic weather conditions, Android players can FarmVille 3 – Animals You will find the game more interesting and interesting. However, each new day on your farm will be different from the other. And depending on the situations, you will find that you have a completely different set of work that needs to be completed.

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Start experiencing dynamic gameplay with unique in-game items. Work inside the barns and don’t have to water your crops during rainy days. Protect your crops and livestock during inclement weather. And the practice of growing crops inside greenhouses during snowy conditions. The extensive and in-depth gameplay will allow Android players to enjoy their ultimate in-game experiences.

Feel free to decorate and design your farm

For those of you who are interested, FarmVille 3 – Animals also introduces Android players to exciting in-game experiences, with which you can freely decorate and design your farm the way you want. Take advantage of intuitive control options to effectively move and steer different buildings in different locations. Choose some decorations to beautify your farm. Create the ultimate farms that suit your style with the many options available within the game.

FarmVille 3 Animals 2 screen

Hire some farmers to improve your business

And to help players with many of their farming work, it’s also possible to hire some farmers to work on your farm instead. However, with their specific skills and specializations, you can make your Farmhands work effectively in many farming tasks. In addition, they will also get on-the-job experiences and can be leveled up. Thus, enabling some enhancements for your business and allowing players to enjoy their ultimate in-game experiences.

Interesting events for players to enjoy throughout the year

Last but not least, to make the game more relatable and lively on your farm, FarmVille 3 – Animals also features many exciting events throughout the year. Here, you can enjoy a variety of different in-game items and features with each event. Enjoy unique gameplay throughout your in-game experiences and enjoy FarmVille 3 – Animals like never before.

Enjoy exciting online gameplay with friends and online players

And to make the game more interesting and interesting, Android players can also experience great online gameplay with friends and online players. However, the game offers exciting in-game experiences for any of you looking for a more community-engaged gameplay. Start visiting your friend and help him with some farm business in Co-op game. FarmVille 3 – Animals offers Android players the most exciting and fun farming experience you’ve ever imagined.

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FarmVille 3 Animals 3 screen

free to play

For those who are interested, you can easily find the game available on your mobile devices completely free of charge. However, players can download FarmVille 3 – Animals from the Google Play Store without having to pay anything.

Enjoy great features with our mods

However, since it is a free title, ads and in-game purchases are completely inevitable. Thus, you may still find it a bit annoying and limiting. However, it would be nice if you could install our modified version of the game on your devices instead. With the mod, you can unlock all the in-game features and enjoy ad-free experiences. Thus, the game makes for a great title for you to enjoy whenever you want.

Picture and sound quality


To make the game more exciting, Android players in FarmVille 3 – Animals can also find themselves enjoying their exciting in-game experiences with its beautiful and cartoonish graphics. However, the amazing arts make your characters friendlier and the in-game items more interesting. But most importantly, with the game well optimized, you can enjoy smooth and satisfying experiences even on your low end devices.

sound / music

Besides the powerful in-game visuals, the game also features beautiful soundtracks and exciting sound effects that will bring you into the gameplay. Enjoy exploring your farms and experience absolute levels of immersion every time you play the game.

last thoughts

For those of you who are interested in the fun of fast and relaxing farming, immerse yourself completely in this new and awesome mobile title for FarmVille 3. Explore and experience the hilarious and hilarious farming gameplay FarmVille 3 Animals MOD APK when you want. And with all its exciting and fun features, you will not find it difficult to enjoy the game.

Together with the popular FarmVille 2: Tropic Escape, Township and other great mobile games from the farming series, Android gamers can enjoy their exciting adventures in this new farming game.

In addition, with the game being fully unlocked and free on our website, you will find it relatively convenient to enjoy and enjoy.