Armed Heist MOD APK 2.5.2 (Immortality) for Android

armed robbery It is a new free third-person shooter game that has been frenetic on the App Store and Google Play lately. This game is the mobile version of Payday 2 due to the similarity from context to plot.

You will be immersed in a series of heists ranging from invasion and theft of rare and valuable jewels in gem shops to big missions such as raids. Go to the bank and implement a plan to rob the bank. They are already plotting these targets on the crime map that forms the base for small to large burglaries.

Armed robbery is a game that will make you play the role of the villain and cause riots. But of course, whether it is robbery or police, good preparation and preparation for the fight or mission is also a prerequisite for success. With armed robbery, buy and choose equipment, customize your appearance to suit, and facilitate the execution of the plan.

The weapons that appear in the game are also very familiar to those who have played Payday 2. From the familiar SMGs to the more popular guns, they are all useful melee guns that players enjoy. However, it is impossible to ignore the appearance of the original and home-made rifles with many rich features that will create a boom in gun battles.

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general information

Armed Heist is a very intense shooting game for players to take on countless challenges to perform suspicious missions. If you’re a movie buff, you’ve probably heard of The Town, Baby Driver, or Den of Thieves, movies that take the theme of rogue actors who specialize in shady assignments. In contrast, in the virtual world, there are very few games with a theme like this, only the Payday series is popular and succeeds.

But now, the gaming community will have another representative, a mobile shooter game in the spirit of Payday. Armed Robbery is a promising product with a theme that is being exploited in Hollywood to attack mobile games. This third-person shooter game has been officially released on Android and iOS. From now on, readers can go right to the bottom of the article to download Armed Heist for free starting today.

The gameplay of Armed Robbery focuses on third-person action, giving players the freedom to move around and hide behind a barrier. Unlike other products of the same type where players can easily defeat a target and hide behind a barrier, Military Heist will always force you to move when the enemy approaches and throws tear gas canisters. Not only that, if you don’t solve it and escape quickly, enemies with thick armor and powerful firepower will gradually appear, making Armed Heist a very challenging game for mobile shooters.

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How to play armed robbery?

Payday on PC has impressed players by allowing them to transform into criminal villains in elegant suits and brutal masks. Players must try to lead this professional criminal group to infiltrate the bank robbery, take hostages, and engage in intense firefights with the police but still survive.

Building on this favorite gameplay, developer SOZAP recently opened the door to testing Armed Heist on mobile. Like Payday, the player will organize a bank robbery, but instead of trying to do everything silently, the game will force you to participate in epic gun battles with endless scenes of jewelry stores, money trucks, or even prestigious banks.

Besides, Armed Heist also adds an extensive weapon upgrade and purchase system so that players can equip their heists alike. You can also compete with other players on the global leaderboards in the game by participating in the most difficult heists.

The graphics in Armed Heist are also designed and detailed in 3D style, providing the latest shooting experience for the player. The effects of fire and explosion appear continuously after each rain bullet hits. Not to mention that unimportant details are meticulously taken care of, such as the effect of projectiles or smoke bombs. The bombs used to block the thieves’ withdrawal route are also quite well thought out.

It’s still unclear when the exact launch date for Armed Heist will be, but we expect the game to land on iOS and Android around the end of the year. You can register under the homepage below to test the game as soon as possible.

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Overall Ratings

Armed Robbery is a third-person shooter game in which players take on the role of a criminal who robs a bank. If you are looking for a mobile shooting game that will make you unable to take your eyes off the screen, Armed Heist is a great choice for you. As a criminal who is hunted in the armed shooting game, the players have to be more smart and skillful than their opponents. Use different alien faces and weapons to achieve your goals, and level up your character by unlocking and customizing a variety of weapons and equipment. Try to complete more than 70 challenging missions to become a legendary thief.

Join Armed Heist for Android, you will immerse yourself in a variety of crimes, from small jewelry store robberies to large-scale bank robberies. Gradually, the crime level becomes more difficult and brings more rewards. BlackShot Revolution is also a mobile shooter in the BlackShot series. Players will join the elite army of mercenaries, customize weapons freely and conquer some challenging game modes.

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Standoff 2 is an engaging online shooter game for mobile devices only that you will expect as if you were playing the legendary Counter-Strike. If you are someone who has played shooting games on PC, then when you try Showdown 2, it will look different. Players will become archers and compete and compete with many other players.

Face the best guns when participating in Standoff 2, fierce battles to destroy the enemy. Here, the only way to survive is to fight. However, players only have a few types of weapons to engage in combat because the weapon system in Standoff 2 is a bit sparse.

In terms of the feel of the gun, Standoff 2 is a few parts better than many of the online shooters available on the market today. You will feel the jerky heaviness, visible weight, vibrate clearly as if you were holding a real gun and pulling the trigger in the game. Not only that, but the game also does a good job with the sound of loud gunshots and fierce explosions like wanting to explore the screen.

last words

If you are very familiar with police support equipment in riot control fights, such as shields, batons and hot bombs, then the support equipment will definitely surprise you with thieves in Armed Theft MOD APK. These cover systems are so plentiful that you’ll have trouble choosing them before you go into battle. Maybe people were just a few old hot bombs or homemade gas bombs. Then try it once to see how wrong my judgment is.

Dramatic and catchy, these words seem insufficient to say about the important experiences that this new style of game brings. Sharp graphics, realistic sound in every shot, even certain tones of the scene will strongly influence the players, especially those who expect to break out in the lines of action games. What are you waiting for without downloading and messing around in a controlled manner with Armed Heist on your iOS and Android device right away?