Basketball Stars Mod APK 1.38.6 (Dumb AI) Download For Android

Slam dunk on your way to victory in this amazing basketball game. Download Basketball Stars mod APK to enjoy online PvP and show your basketball skills to the world.

Basketball Stars apk latest version

From gaming legends comes the best mobile basketball game we’ve seen in years. Basketball Stars APK is a multiplayer PvP basketball game that challenges you to shoot and dive your way to the top.

Exclusive online work

You won’t find any artificial intelligence here – this is an exclusive online game where you always play against a real opponent. You’ll star in the amateur court and make your way through more unique basketball courts to face the best players in the game.

As you advance through the ranks, you will begin to solidify your reputation as a true basketball star. Take on the best players in the game and work your way to becoming a legend like Kobe Bryant.

3D graphics: The game looks realistic. You will be immersed in the gorgeous 3D graphics, as well as the physics that make playing the game feel like a real challenge.

400+ Customization: Make your character look the way you want with over 400 unique customizations for their appearance. Choose features, combos, and styles to make your character unforgettable.

basketball stars mod-apk

40+ Basketball: Unlock new basketballs as you progress in the game. With over 40 to choose from, you’ll have plenty to play with.

Two game modes: Tired of the game mode? Switch to the other. There is enough content in the different game modes to keep you entertained as you switch between them.

easy to learn: The mechanics of the game are very easy to get acquainted with – but you will need to make a consistent effort to master it. However, you will not be bothered trying to discover the game for a long time. Take advantage of the hours and you’ll soon find yourself climbing to the top.

Tips for playing Basketball Stars APK

To ensure that you don’t get wiped off the playing field the first few times you play the game, we’ve put together some helpful tips for you to follow. Pay attention to our quick and simple no more software guide for Basketball Stars APK.

  • Game type: The game has two different game modes. For beginners, we recommend the classic. This is more comfortable and will allow you to get some practice. For more advanced players, go to Attack/Defense. This is the basic mode of the game.
  • theft: To beat your opponent quickly, go straight to steal early in the game. This will most likely confuse your opponent and may affect how he plays for the rest of the game.
  • Mix it up: You’ll always be playing against real players, which means you’ll need to mix up your moves in order to keep things fresh and outwit these guys. You may be against the same people more than once, and you will always be against someone who plays to win. For this reason, it is imperative that you do so Mix it up and don’t do the same old moves over and over again. It won’t last long if you do this.
  • be patient: You may find that you are crashing into the beginner’s playgrounds and want to take things to the next level. But be careful. Could you find yourself getting in Grand Run for your money and you’ll soon be thrown into the amateur game to regroup yourself and your money. Be patient and make sure you are ready to raise the levels.

Basketball Stars Mod APK – Dumb AI

Are you ready to play the best mobile basketball game? Download Basketball Stars mod APK Always Perfect Shot to take your game to the next level and compete in the major leagues without having to worry about financially obliterating it. It’s easy and fun – let’s go!