Call of Duty Mobile: How to Get Free Legendary ATV

Season 7 of Call of Duty Mobile has finally launched, and players are excited to experience the new content in the game. This collaboration with Ghost in the Shell means we’ll be expecting a handful of new things. In fact, you can get one for free in the form of a legendary ATV.

If you are interested in getting your own game, check out the guide below.

How to get a free Epic ATV in Call of Duty Mobile

You can’t get a chance every day to get a legendary item in the game. After all, legendary items are usually not available to players who play for free. However, this legendary vehicle is definitely an exception.

To get this, you have to complete at least 6 server nodes that are part of the Togusa reconnaissance mission. However, the difficulty of completing many nodes can be very tedious. As such, if you want to complete it as quickly as possible, I highly recommend playing in Battle Royale mode.

After completing the requirements, you can access and ride in the vehicle for the duration of the match.

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