Can You Get Cash Back With Apple Pay? (3 Things to Know)

Can you get cashback with Apple Pay

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If you’re wondering if you can get cash back with Apple Pay, here’s what you need to know:

There are a few other ways you can maximize cash with Apple Pay.

While the above information covers the basics, here are answers to some other common questions regarding Apple Pay and cashback.

Are there special offers for using Apple Pay?

Apple partners with a few select merchants to offer discounts on using Apple Pay. These deals are not traditional cashback rewards, but usually come in the form of a price reduction.

If you sign up to receive emails about Apple promotions, you will be notified when new offers become available. You can also see current offers on the Apple Pay homepage, as shown in the example below:

In addition, credit card companies will sometimes have special offers for using Apple Pay. For example, a recent offer from Discover allowed you to get $5 back for spending $25 with your Discover Card through Apple Pay.

Remember that these offers usually must be activated with your credit card provider to receive the rewards.

Is the Apple Card Worth It To Maximize Cashback?

Apple Card comes without an annual fee and offers 3% cashback on Apple Pay purchases at select merchants, 2% cashback on all other Apple Pay purchases, and 1% cashback when using the physical card.

3% profit rate above average for a card with no annual fee. Unfortunately, it is limited to the following merchants:

– Ace Hardware
– apple
– Duane Reed
– Axon
– cell phone
– Nike
– Banera
– T-Mobile
– Uber
– Uber Eats
– Walgreens

Outside of these merchants, the 2% cashback you’ll earn using Apple Pay is another plus.

The question then comes down to how much typical spending you can earn either 2% or 3% cashback.

If the vast majority of your spending will fall under a 3% deferred merchant or store that uses Apple Pay, Apple Card is a solid option. It’s probably not the highest and most optimized strategy for maximizing your cash (see below), but it could very well be the easiest – especially if you’re not someone who wants to spend time looking for the absolute perfect rewards credit card.

Are there credit cards that pay higher rewards for using Apple Pay?

The US Bank Visa Infinite Reserve Card provides 3 points per dollar on Apple Pay and mobile wallet spending. You can redeem your points for travel through the US Bank reservation portal at a rate of 1.5 cents per point.

In other words, you will get 4.5 cents for every point you earn.

The annual fee on this card is steep at $400, but that fee is offset by $325 in annual statement credits when paying for dining or travel with the card.

If you spend a lot on digital wallets, this is definitely a card to consider.

Can you get cash back on debit card purchases with Apple Pay?

As a general rule, debit card purchases do not qualify for a cashback. However, if you have one of the very few debit cards that are an exception to this rule, you’ll earn the normal cashback rate when you use that card through Apple Pay.

Can you get cashback when using Apple Pay on your Apple Watch?

Yes, Apple Pay purchases made with your Apple Watch earn the primary payment card cashback rate the same as when you use Apple Pay on your iPhone.

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