Construction Simulator: A Beginner’s Guide & Top Tips You Should Know

Construction Simulator provides players with an immersive construction experience from the ground up, where they can build and develop their own companies and organize all jobs on construction sites – across projects large and small.

Those completely new to any kind of ‘simulation’ game might be put off a bit by the amount of information thrown at them when getting started, so we’ve crafted a little guide around all the crucial key points of the game. Read on for a beginner’s guide and top tips you should know when getting started in the latest Construction Simulator game.

Top Tips & Beginners Guide for Construction Simulator

Skip the tutorial

Want to jump right into things without having to work steadily or meander around the tutorial?

While you are in the tutorial, open your job listing. Select the “Cancel Contracts” option, which will automatically clear every learning task except the last one. If you want to complete the last task as quickly as possible, head over to “financeFrom the company menu and choose a loan of ~250,000.

Use this loan to buy a car under 100,000 and use the rest to buy the second company building from the company upgrades submenu. Once you do all this – simply “accept” a file ‘expansion’ The contract, which is the last decade in the tutorial.

Talk to Harpe as shown on the map and you will then have access to the co-op Construction Simulator.

Get new jobs

To search for new jobs and contracts, simply head over to the main menu -> then Jobs. Here you can either check for a contract related to the main campaign of the game, or take on smaller jobs to make a profit. Once you expand your company further, you can start taking on up to three jobs at once.

Refueling or repairing machines

This can be done at any “gas station” location across the game environment. You have the option to open and buy your own repair station for your company premises as well, which will allow you to do so without having to travel.

If you notice an appliance that is in poor condition or is dirty, you will want to make sure that it is fixed immediately as this can affect the performance levels and functionality of the appliance on the job site.

The vehicle or machine is not working properly

If you find that your device or vehicle is not working properly or not working during a task, you must “reset” the vehicle from the context menu. Alternatively, you can “store” it and then “retrieve” it from your car lounge. This can be done either from the vehicle quick selection menu or the fleet menu.

open world map

This can be done easily by pressing [M] As a PC user on keyboard and trackpad (PS4/5) and [menu] key on Xbox.

Open context menu

This can be opened by swiping [F] On the keyboard for PC users, [X] For Xbox users, and [SQUARE] button on PS4 / PS5. This menu contains the ability to change the image mode, reset vehicles, alternate between first and third person perspective in the game, and change vehicle modes.

How to access the guide

The in-game user guide can provide a lot of useful information for new players or those who are simply stuck on a mission without knowing how to proceed.

To access the guide, press [1] On the keyboard for computer users, the control panel [DOWN] on XBOX/PS4/PS5. You can also display the help on the screen menus or HUD using the same keys. This guide can also be found under -> Menu -> Profile -> Manual.

Get a tower crane on the job site

Whenever a task or job calls for a tower crane, you will be able to select a specific tower crane area on the job site. Interact with this site to bring up the menu options for choosing a crane. If none of them are available to you, you can go to the Auto Dealer to rent or buy one. Once a suitable crane is selected, it will be automatically set up on site at the job site.

Change job settings and get new assignments

For most tasks within a particular job, you will notice a blue tick on the screen. This indicates the distance to the desired location.

If you want to skip certain tasks, you will need to access the detailed view of a job. Go to Menu -> Jobs -> Active Jobs. In the right corner, you will see options to either skip a specific task, restart a partition, or cancel an entire task. Not all sections/tasks can be skipped. To restart or skip, select the task from the list.

Regarding “Changing Job Settings”, you can find more precisely the job scope and job definition in the Job details list from the left corner of the screen. This can control aspects such as the amount of land to be excavated. In the High setting, there will be more specific tasks for each interview job that will require more accurate results.

Important sites

The main locations are not highlighted on the map until you have actually traveled to or encountered them. In the vast majority of cases, you will be taken to all the locations you need to go to depending on the nature of the construction or delivery job. Once you have accepted a job or assignment, you will have the option to set Navigation Marker towards the next destination as part of that job.

Getting raw materials

Most of the building and construction materials that you will need to complete jobs and tasks will be purchased from a building materials dealer. If you need to check where to buy a particular material, you can refer to the Material List in the job details by looking at the Place of Origin.

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