Cooking Craze MOD APK 1.82.0 (Unlimited Money) for Android

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When it comes to stress, most of our friends will choose cooking games to unwind after a long day. However, with a large number of popular cooking games like Diner Dash, Cooking Mama, etc., it is somewhat difficult to stand out. Well, Big Fish Games, which is known for launching addictive games with amazing graphics like “Toy Story Drop” or “Ever Merge”, has developed a game title called “Cooking Craze”.

cooking mad It is a fun and straightforward clicker game; Your job is to run your restaurant business, prepare a variety of dishes and serve as many customers as possible without any mistakes. If you have played “Cooking Madness” before, which has the same gameplay, you will definitely enjoy “Cooking Craze”.

a story

In the game, players will become the owners of a restaurant and have the ability to travel around the world and open as many restaurants as possible. The gameplay is less complicated than you think while playing it, all you have to do is tap to prepare food for customers’ orders. Everything is submitted and collected automatically.

As an owner, players will have to use strategies to maintain and improve the business. This game requires time management skill as well as speed in order to serve customers on time making them leave happily, resulting in unique gifts for you, like rewards.


Uncomplicated and addictive gameplay

Players will start slowly and steadily and then everything will move faster because the restaurant attracts more customers as the players progress through many levels with a variety of meals. Customers will appear at the counters and place their orders by showing a picture of the dishes they want.

Your job is to prepare the food from the ingredients list on the counter to satisfy your customers. Players will be given a certain amount of time in each level and for each customer. Make sure all ingredients are always full so you can focus on preparing the food efficiently.

In Cooking Craze it costs no energy to restart the level, you will have five lives if you fail to complete the level, you will lose one heart, and so on. Spirits can also be obtained from friends, so be sure to invite some.

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More than 400 levels to enjoy

There are more than 400 levels that you will never get bored of. Levels will unlock after players win the required stars. At first, you will learn to fry and decorate cakes. Once it’s complete, you’ll move on to making burgers and calamari. In the third world, dishes, drinks and desserts such as pancakes, ice cream, orange juice, etc. will be unlocked.

As you level up, you will be able to learn more dishes and skills. Your list changes as the level changes, tasks are often updated, and you don’t have to worry about repetition. In later levels, there are additional objectives for you to earn additional rewards.

Players will get coins, spoons and a comment card for each level they complete. In order to unlock new levels and locations, comment cards are needed. The higher the performance, the more comment cards you will earn. There are also additional levels with special menus if players want to get more coins to upgrade.

A mixture of traditional meals in different cities

Different cities are ready to unlock once you complete a certain amount of levels. Your restaurant will also change after ten levels with new upgrades provided for each restaurant.

Players will have the opportunity to cook in picturesque places like Rome, Prague, London, Seoul, etc. In each country, you will cook and learn about their traditional dishes with more than 100 ingredients. You’ll make burgers in New York, bake pizza in Rome, cook banchan in Seoul, and more.

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Great list of achievements

There are three tiers for each achievement, for one star you get one spoon, two stars for two spoons, and three stars for three spoons. There are a variety of achievements corresponding to each level and each city. Most achievements take time to complete, such as “Flash in the Pan!” which you should earn with Insta-Cook batch 20, 100 or 1000 times; “Sever Supreme” which must serve 500, 5,000 or 20,000 customers. There is a lot more, and I’ll let you explore and unlock them for yourself.

Upgrades and boosters

By completing and earning coins based on performance in each level, players can use the money to upgrade basic kitchen utensils. Different restaurants require different upgrades. The first upgrade you will get is a cooking upgrade, which enables you to cook more and faster at the same time. Players can also upgrade to increase the amount of money they receive after each order and each round.

Reinforcements are special rewards that can be stored before players start a level. Some of the useful boosters that you can use while playing are “Extra Agents”, “Extra Time”, “Extra Coins”, etc. Remember to use the reinforcements and cook your way to victory.

Moreover, by getting combos, you can earn extra money and points. The trick is to serve 2 to 3 customers at a time, but be aware that if they wait too long, they will go crazy and immediately leave the restaurants, and you will earn less money.

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Competitive Chef Championship

Tournaments are active for a limited time only. Players cannot choose who to play with and will be randomly placed in a group with others. All titles from low to high are Novice, Line Cook, Prep Cook, Sous Chef, and Head Chef. If you get the top 20% players in the leaderboard, your rank will rise. If you get 20% of the lowest players, unfortunately, you will drop the ranking. Players can change their avatar so that no competitor looks like each other, however, you cannot upload your own avatar.

Unlimited Money

Cooking Craze MOD APK Support unlimited money feature for players to upgrade restaurants and buy boosters freely. You don’t have to worry about lack of money when you can beat every customer, level and achievement.

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It can be frustrating sometimes when you’re trying to serve a customer, but you don’t have the time.

The gameplay can be repetitive for some players.

Quality sound and graphic visuals


“Cooking Craze” is a colorful and lively game, and with each level, players will see cities and restaurants decorated with various themes. The graphics are amazing, well-behaved, and the cities, as well as restaurants, are designed in detail.


The game has exhilarating soundtracks that make players feel more relaxed after a long day. What’s more fun than hearing the sound of food being cooked like meat sizzling and sausages?

last thoughts

All in all, “Cooking Craze” is undoubtedly a fun and engaging time management game with hundreds of levels and diverse restaurants with a variety of dishes waiting for you to unlock. As you play in each city, you can even learn recipes and hone your culinary skills. All you have to do is open a restaurant and make it the best business in the world.