Cyberpunk 2077: Best Cyberware to Use | Must-Have Cybernetics

Cyberpunk 2077 has been in the gaming industry for a long time, but when it started, it was full of bugs and glitches. With the release of the anime, new players want to experience the game. With that, we will introduce you to the Cyberwares that you must have as you advance in the game.

Best Electronic Software To Use, You Must Have Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpunk

In Cyberpunk 2077 there are software upgrades or implants that can be installed on your character’s body. These implants can give you both passive powers and active effects. These electronic programs have a multiple rarity. The higher it is, the stronger the effects it can provide.

Best e-programs and their website

There are 10 necessary electronic software in your inventory and they are as follows:

Strengthened tendons

The first site is at Watson in Little China, in Ripperdoc near the Bradbury and Buran express travel site. Reinforced strings cost 45,000 spirals, and allow you to perform a double jump.

Epic Synaptic Signal Enhancer

The next site is Charter Hill in Westbrook. You can quickly travel to the luxury sections to reach the Ripperdoc. The epic alternative to the synaptic signal enhancer costs 20,000 vortices. Increases health by 50% for Epic and 60% for Legendary formula.

Rare titanium bones

The third Cyberware can be purchased from Ripperdoc located near sky line & Republic Fast travel site. A rare alternative to titanium bones costs 3,000 spirals and increases carrying capacity by 40%.

Legendary Under Skin Armor

Fourth Cyberware close to Kabuki market Fast travel. Go to the Ripperdoc and buy the Legendary Under Skin Armor. Costs 14,000 vortices and increases armor by 300.

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The legendary Kerenzikov

Cyberware’s fifth site in arroyo in Santo Domingo. The Ripperdoc company that sells Cyberware is close to fast-travel site Mission Waterfront.

The legendary variant of Kerenzikov costs 28,000 spirals. This Cyberware slows down the time by 60% for 2.5 seconds when your health drops to 25%. It has a cooldown period of one minute.

Legendary second heart

Next Cyberware is located in sources in Heywood. Fast forward to the location indicated by the yellow circle in the image above to breed near the Ripperdoc. The legendary variant of the second heart costs 42,000 spirals.

This Cyberware will instantly restore 100% of your health when you reach 0. The slowdown takes 2 minutes.

Legendary Healing Over Kill

The following Cyberware programs are located in The northern side in Watson. Fast forward to Pershing Street to reach Ripperdoc. The legendary Heal-On-Kill Cyberware alternative costs 35,000 spirals. It restores 10% of your health every time you kill an enemy.

The legendary bioconductor

The eighth Cyberware is located in Badlands. You can quickly travel to Mobile Camp to get to the Ripperdoc that sells it. The legendary bioconductor costs 14,000 spirals. It reduces the waiting time for all Cyberware wait times by 30%.

Legendary Tetratonic Rippler Mk4 Cyberdeck

Cyberware IX is located in Ripperdoc, near luxury. luxury Apartments In Charterhill in Watson. The legendary variant of the Tetratronic Rippler Mk.4 costs 35,000 vorts. It has the following effects:

  • It has 6 slots
  • All fast hacking sleep times reduced by 45%
  • Loading time for quick hacks reduced by 75%
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Legendary Qiant Sandevistan Mk4

The latest Cyberware is the legendary alternative to Qiant Sandevistan Mk4. Located in Japantown in Westbrook. Quickly drive to Megabuilding H8 and go to the RIpperdic indicated in the photo above.

The Qiant Sandevistan Mk4 costs 28,000 vortex. It slows down time by 25% for 12 seconds and has a cooldown time of 15 seconds. When active, it increases damage dealt by 15% and increases critical chance by 15%.