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Cyberpunk 2077’s version 1.6 update, also called Edgerunnuers Update, is actually inspired by the game’s animation. There are many things added in this release update, including new vehicles, weapons, clothing, and more. We’ll show you some of the new picks in the game and where to get them.

New legendary, iconic and epic locations in 1.6 Patch in Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 version 1.6 update introduces 11 weapons. With 5 of them melee and 6 guns. Toxic perks have also been added to the game, along with a new mini-game in Arcade Machines. There are 3 carts, where you can get some of these new items.

New legendary, iconic and epic loot locations

The first in the list of new items and their locations are those that you can buy from sellers.

gun shop seller

Go to the Gun Shop seller in Arroyo in Santo Domingo. You can use Metro: Fast Travel Wollesen St to get to the place faster. you can buy Kappa smart pistol, kyubi power assault rifle, MA70 HB light machine gun, And the VST-37 Pozhar Power rifle.

If the seller doesn’t sell these guns, just walk away from the store and then change the time to 24 hours, and come back until the seller sells these guns.

knives seller

You can buy new melee weapons from the melee weapons seller at Pacifica in the West Wind Estate. Travel quickly to the West Wind Apartments to get to the place faster.

you can buy Claw Axe, Cut-O-Matic, Neurotoxin Knife, Punknife, And the razor scythe. You can also buy Iconic alternative from Punknife, and Headhunter.

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The following items are weapons that can be obtained through chariots and missions.

The iconic cleaver butcher’s knife

The iconic Clever Butcher Knife can be obtained from the mission a map tan Belen. In the mission, the butcher will use the knife to cut off the head of a chicken. You can only lift the knife once you place it.

The bravery of the legendary iconic rifle

The Guts rifle can be obtained at Memorial Park on Corpo Plaza, near Three Monks.

David Martinez jacket

David’s Jacket is inspired by David Martinez from Cyberpunk: Edgerunners. You can get this jacket by completing the Over the Edge side quest after texting El Capitan. You are going to an area and changing the time until Falco sends you a message. Head to the area indicated by the mission sign to get your David’s jacket.