Dead By Daylight: Chapter 25 New Survivor Perks and RPD Rework Visuals Leaks

There is still nearly a month left before the releases of Chapter 25 of Dead by Daylight. However, it seems that several leaks regarding new Survivor franchises and RPD remastering visuals have already circulated on the Internet. In this article, we’ll take a look at what these leaks are telling us.

Chapter 25 New survivor perks and RPD rework visuals seep into death by daylight

According to previous leaks released by DBDLEaks on Twitter, two new survivors will be arriving in the game in Chapter 25, Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers. However, any information about her at that time was very scarce, until not so long ago.

Information from the same leak revealed three of Ada Wong’s perks are interactive healing, wiretapping, and low profile. Moreover, each of the leaked franchises has its own description.

Let’s start first with interactive healing. According to the description, this feature increases your healing progress by 15/20/25% every time another survivor within 32 meters of you takes a hit. Then we have Wiretap, a feature that lets you hold a generator that stays on for 60/70/80 seconds. Also, the trap will reveal the killer’s aura within a certain range when triggered.

Finally, there’s a low profile that basically leaves no scratch marks for 60/70/80 seconds if you’re the remaining survivor.

Information was also revealed regarding Rebecca Chambers, with her three franchises Reassurance, Hyperfocus, and Better than New. Reassurance allows you to stop another survivor’s struggle stage within 6 meters for several seconds. Meanwhile, Hyperfocus is a token feature that makes the Skill Check indicator 0.4% faster per token.

Finally, a better-than-new feature increases recovery, unlocking, repair, and purification for other survivors upon activation.

RPD Paraphrasing Visuals

Aside from these Survivor perks, there is also a leak regarding the new RPD rework. According to the leaks, the upstairs area will be completely closed, which means that players will no longer be able to access that area. It also appears that there is a new area, and the developers have stated that they will split the map in two and add new areas to both sides.