Diner DASH Adventures MOD APK 1.37.0 (Unlimited Coins) for Android

Diner DASH Adventures (Unlimited Coins/Hearts MOD) – Enjoy another great casual game from the famous Glu company. Experience the addictive gameplay where players will assist Fl0 and Cookie in their adventure to bring down the evil organization of Mr. Big as well as restore their city to its former glory. Find out more about this great game with our reviews.

a story

The game begins with an unexpected scene in a small town, where everything is destroyed by what we initially thought was a hurricane. However, there is something fishy about this as things were somehow intentionally damaged.

First thing’s first, along with Flo and Cookie, you’ll rebuild your shattered city and bring back the life it once was. In addition, you will also have to maintain your restaurant, dinner, and make profits. Use the earned money to upgrade the restaurant and improve the food. Keep doing this to expand your business as well as raise funds to rebuild your city.

As you progress further, you will discover the hidden secrets behind the vandalism of your city. Your task is to put an end to this and restore peace to your beloved town.

Dinner Dash Adventures


Here are some of the more interesting features that the game offers:

Enjoy a captivating story with warm fragrances

When you begin your journey in Diner DASH Adventures, you will have chances to enjoy a captivating story that is completely different from most other casual games. Discover the secrets of Diner Town as you solve the many puzzles and quests on your journey. In addition, the game also features warm stories that make it hard to resist your tears. Learn about the events happening in Diner Town from a different perspective to get a better understanding of what happened.

Dinner Dash Adventures

Run your own restaurant

Here in Diner Dash, players are introduced to an entire community with diverse businesses. For starters, you will have opportunities to run your own restaurant. From all functions from welcoming your customers to your restaurant to taking orders, preparing food and delivering it to them. You will learn about a simple click and tap mechanism, which makes things very simple.

In addition, to attract more customers, you can expand your existing menu or upgrade old recipes to gain more customers.

Enjoy multiplayer at the same time

In this game, you will not only play as a waiter or cook inside a restaurant, Diner DASH Adventures also allows players to take over their hotel, shop, etc. Here you will learn how to work in multiple functions, thus allowing players to enjoy different gameplay at the same time. Moreover, with many future updates ready to be published, players will have access to many exciting gameplay modes.

Dinner Dash Adventures

Discover loads of fun and exciting challenges

Besides the main gameplay, players in Diner DASH also have the opportunities to explore a lot of fun by taking on various challenges or solving epic puzzles. Do your best to complete it and you will have chances to earn awesome boosts and rewards.

Rebuild your entire city

Once you first arrive in Diner Town, everything feels like a mess. Hence, rebuilding the city will require a lot of work. In Diner DASH Adventures, players are tasked with rebuilding and completely redesigning their city. Start with Diner Town Plaza to Putt Putt Park, Hotel, etc. Rebuild it and make it look more attractive than it was before to attract more residents to your city.

Dinner Dash Adventures

Design your own city with various customizations

In Diner DASH Adventure, you are also allowed to make various customizations for your buildings, both exterior and interior. Make sure you select the right decor and personalization for your entire city to make it stand out from the crowd. The game features over thousands of different designs ready to be explored.

Make friends with the citizens of DinerTown and restore it to its former glory

You will start your game as Flo, the capable and very smart Diner Town girl. Together, with your help, they will rebuild their beloved buildings one by one. Starting with the restaurant, you must befriend the owner, the cookie by helping him with his daily jobs and tasks.

Once things settle down, you can move to different locations around your city, and make friends with other citizens by helping out with their missions. Do everything in your power to rebuild your city and return it to its former glory.

Dinner Dash Adventures

free to play

The game is one of the few casual games that are actually good and worth your time. Most importantly, it is completely free to play. You can now download and install the game on Apkdone without paying anything, which is quite cool considering that this is a good game.

Picture and sound quality


The game has a friendly art style that makes the game very suitable for family fun. You can play the game with your family members or friends without experiencing any violence. In addition, with simple but beautiful graphics, Diner DASH adventures can be played on most devices. In fact, you can enjoy it on your old Android phones without any problem.

Dinner Dash Adventures

sound / music

With soothing and calming soundtrack, Diner DASH Adventures offers players a simple yet exciting game with addictive gameplay. In addition, vivid and cheerful sound effects will keep you connected with the game from a very long time.

Download Diner DASH Adventures Mod latest 1.37.0 Android APK

Diner DASH Adventure is one of those games that you can spend many hours playing without getting bored. With a lot of discoverable elements, it is one of those great casual games for mobile gaming fun. Hence, you are not likely to go wrong with this game.

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