Dot n Beat MOD APK 2.3.2 (Unlimited Money) for Android

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Get ready to immerse yourself in this simple, yet very fun and relaxing game of music and rhythmic actions with Dot n Beat, where you can test your hand coordination while enjoying beautiful in-game music. Explore hundreds of interesting songs and tracks to add to your music levels.

Enjoy the unique gameplay of fun rhythmic actions as you follow the line of music, pop the beats of the music, unlock diamonds and crowns, while listening to the great songs that will keep you fully engaged in the game. Enjoy exploring its amazing gameplay and features, which will allow you to enjoy the game to the fullest.

Learn more about this great mobile title from Badsnowball Limited with our comprehensive reviews.

story / gameplay

Here in Dot n Beat, Android players will have the opportunity to engage freely in the addictive mobile title of music events, as they will control the musical score to beat all the rhythmic levels. With exciting songs, great in-game concepts, colorful and beautiful levels, and vibrant and responsive sound elements, Dot n Beat will ensure that you can enjoy playing your music to the fullest.

Feel free to explore the huge music library which contains hundreds of songs of various genres and collections for you. Explore the diverse and exciting gameplay with different mods and in-game items to keep you engaged. Enjoy playing different scenes and levels with equally unique and beautiful settings. Kill time or compete with friends and players online in this awesome Dot n Beat mobile title.


Here are all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Simple and convenient gameplay for all players

To get you started, Android players of Dot n Beat can start enjoying the simple and convenient gameplay of Dot n Beat, which is available to all players. Feel free to choose a song and tap on the beat to move yourself after the music. Take advantage of the intuitive one-touch controls to operate anywhere on the screen so you can make your combos, earn crowns and diamonds, and unlock great in-game scores. Most importantly, the unique musical feedback with each of you synchronized rhythm clicks will make the game very interesting and fun.

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Make awesome combos to earn the best scores

Here in Dot n Beat, Android players can enjoy working on their awesome combos, which will allow them to get their best results in the game. Listen closely to the beats and follow the music to complete your combos. With better combos, you can double your score and rewards in the game. Earn enough of them so you can start unlocking your new songs for even more exciting in-game experiences.

Huge library with weekly updates

And speaking of that, you can now enjoy working with a huge library of songs and music tracks in Dot n Beat, which already includes hundreds of different songs from various genres and collections. Feel free to explore the game and discover new songs to have absolute fun with the addictive rhythmic gameplay on the go. Plus, with weekly updates, you can always enjoy new songs and fun tracks from Dot n Beat.

Endless mode to challenge your skills

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy Endless Mode music challenges in Dot n Beat, where players are allowed to explore endless rounds of beats that keep accelerating as you progress. Try to work on your favorite beats and get the best score in the game to challenge your skills. Enjoy the game as long as you want and try to work on your records stress-free.

Enjoy playing addictive killing mode with others

At the same time, Android players in Dot n Beat can also enjoy playing the competitive and addictive online style of Dot n Beat by joining friends and online players in various exhilarating musical battles. Feel free to choose songs and tempo before the matches start. Work on your controls to earn combos, unlock cool in-game rewards, and outsmart your opponents with your awesome scores. Feel free to enjoy addictive online battles whenever you want.

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Create your own records on the ranking boards

To make the game even more exciting, Android players in Dot n Beat can now work with their amazing in-game records, which allow them to compete with the best players from around the world. Try to win your best scores and rank them up with other players. Earn your places in the global ranking boards and show your rank with friends.

Import and play your favorite songs on your phones

Besides online songs from the Dot n Beat library, Android players can also import and play their favorite songs on local storage to enjoy more dynamic gameplay. Here, the cool mobile address allows you to work with any .mp3 files from your local storage. Feel free to select any songs and rhythms to make the music play more dynamic.

Interesting characters and backgrounds to customize your game

And thanks to the interesting characters and unique in-game customizations from Dot n Beat, players on Android will now have the opportunity to tweak their gameplay however they want. Start by choosing your favorite backgrounds for musical adventures with tons of amazing galaxies images to delve into. Also explore over 10 adorable characters, including Santa Claus, Spiderman, Render, Blob, Little Bird, and many more. Each character will have their own unique appearance and visuals, allowing you to enjoy your music in many ways.

Enjoy playing offline whenever you want

Here in Dot n Beat, Android players will have their chance to enjoy playing Dot n Beat offline with many great in-game features. There is no need to turn on mobile data or search for active Wi-Fi connections just to play the game, because Dot n Beat will be available whenever you want.

free to play

Also, thanks to the free version of the game on Google Play Store, you can enjoy the exciting mobile title without having to pay any download fees. Just keep in mind that the game contains ads and in-game purchases, which will require you to unlock with real money. So if you want to enjoy the full game without having to pay, you may want to consider our helpful mods.

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Get our helpful mod

Speaking of which, with our free and unlocked Dot n Beat version available, Android players can now enjoy the full game without having to spend their money. All you need is to download a file Point and Win Mod APK, and follow the instructions provided, and start enjoying the game. Feel free to enjoy unlimited in-game money, removed ads, and unlock content. All of that should allow you to enjoy this great mobile title to the fullest.

Picture and sound quality


Here in Dot n Beat, Android players can enjoy the great in-game graphics, which features beautiful visuals, which will allow Android players to fully immerse themselves in the awesome mobile title. Enjoy smooth, relaxing animations that also sync up with vibrant music effects. In addition, the beautiful and cool art in general, which is very similar to the likes of Sonic Cat, will ensure that you are always addicted to the beautiful musical gameplay.

sound and music

Along with the exciting graphics and beautiful visuals, Dot n Beat also offers amazing sound elements, which will let you fully immerse yourself in the great phone title. Simply put on your headphones and you can start enjoying the synchronized audio chops. Enjoy high quality music tracks with great sounds and details while also having fun playing music.

last thoughts

With simple, highly fun and addictive music gameplay, Dot n Beat allows Android players to fully immerse themselves in the wonderful world of rhythmic sounds and actions. Feel free to get engrossed in the great mobile title, explore its interesting features, and fully enjoy the dynamic gameplay whenever you want.