Egg Inc Mod APK 1.24.4 (Unlimited money) Free Download

Eggs are the future as you head towards the top. Download Egg Inc. mod APK for one of the best clicker games currently appearing on the Play Store. Run your own egg empire and be the biggest egg producer in the world.

Egg Inc. has been appointed. In the near future, as eggs are now the most valuable resource on the planet. There are countless chicken farms – including yours. The humble and basic farm specializing in eggs and dairy has been around for thousands of years, but now the next level of egg production has to be reached.


You will grow your humble egg farm into a multinational company, dominating the global egg trade and production. This is white capitalism as you have never seen it before. Grow your facilities and upgrade your production houses, then find new and improved types of eggs.

Build your own egg empire and dominate the global trade in dairy products in this epic clicker (and clucker) game for Android.

How to play Egg Inc

When it comes to building and managing your egg empire, you’ll need some important tips to make sure you’re doing just fine. Here are some top tips and tricks to help your empire grow to its fullest potential when playing the game.

Focus on developing chicken houses: The main way to make money – and thus how to grow your empire in the game – is to sell eggs. To do this, you will need to routinely send your hens to a hen house to lay eggs. There is a red button in the bottom corner of the screen with a chicken on it – tap it to send the chicken to lay eggs. The more chicken houses you have, the more chickens you can get. This means that you have to upgrade your 4 chicken houses as a priority.

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You will also need to upgrade your transport vehicles like trucks etc. These compounds are necessary to get your eggs out of your farm to sell in the market. Finally, you’ll want to upgrade your silos so you can make more money when you’re not already playing the game.

keep searching: Research costs a lot of money, but it is always worth doing. As you research, you will be able to increase the amount of money you earn per egg, as well as upgrade your facilities to the point where they can support your growing ambitions. You should prioritize research that brings in more money from your egg farm so that you can upgrade your infrastructure while investing in more expensive but worthwhile research besides this.


prestige: You should be careful when choosing the right time for Prestige. Doing so will get you to start over, but you will earn more money per egg after prep, which will eventually allow you to progress faster. You will have to keep your eggs, but you will have to rebuild your entire farm and start the game over again. However, you will become a prestigious member, which carries a lot of prestige and benefits.

Catch the drones: Every now and then, you will see a drone flying over your farm. Tap on it and you’ll drop some spirit eggs and you’ll make some decent money. At the beginning of the game, the rewards for the drones are quite small, but do not let this fool you – as you progress in the game, the size of these rewards will increase a lot. Sure, it’s always worth catching drones – you have nothing to lose.

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Upgrade your eggs: You will be able to get more money per egg the more you play the game and the more value your farm has. This takes some time to reach the highest values ​​for eggs. At the start of the game, you’ll make $0.25 per egg, and by the end of the game, you’ll sell Tachyon’s eggs, which are worth $50,000 per egg (for some reason…). As you can see, it is worth upgrading your eggs.


Do not reinforce: The boost costs golden eggs and allows you to skip the time up to eight hours and earn an equivalent amount of money for that elapsed time. The thing is, these golden eggs are required to open them Epic quest. They are so valuable and hard to get that you just have to be patient and save them for research purposes.

Egg Inc MOD APK – Unlimited Money

Do you want to build your empire as fast as possible? Download unlimited money mod apk for Egg Inc. To be able to upgrade your farm as quickly as possible and earn money selling the most valuable eggs in no time. Enjoy!