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Power of Women: Genesis APK is a fashion design game that allows players to create NFTs according to their preferences. The way this game works is based on the Web3.0 model with a lot of improvements compared to similar products. You will turn into a famous fashion designer with the goal of creating your own NFTs.

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Power of Women: Genesis – a fashion design game that lets you create an NFT

NFT gaming has gradually become a trend in the mobile game market at present. Now, people no longer just play games for fun, but also have the desire to get a lot of free digital assets. This is the time for you to try Power of Women: Genesis to create your own NFTs and sell them in the market for profit.

Basically, this product from publisher Spark Games Studio has a relatively simple gameplay. You will complete sand puzzle levels to get different fashion accessories. Then you can create your favorite supermodel wallpapers and save them as featured NFTs. To learn more, this game must be downloaded through Google Play or on the APK link at the bottom of this article.

Create your own NFT

Power of Women: Genesis is basically a simple fashion design game for everyone. In this game, you can freely create unique NFT styles by choosing the fashion accessories available. Find accessories that match the fashion trends to create unique outfits and earn lots of money.

There are a lot of interesting fashion styles waiting for you to discover in this game. Remember, the more impressive your fashion sense, the more valuable your NFT will be. Creativity is the factor that helps you to create the most beautiful NFT patterns in this game. Therefore, play the game long enough to get a better understanding of the available content.

Complete sandblasting challenges

In fact, players may have little difficulty creating awesome fashion styles in this game. Power of Women: Genesis requires you to complete simple to complex word challenges to unlock the most appropriate fashion accessories. It is very easy to understand the task, which is to sort species of the same color into the corresponding test tubes.

Of course, sand samples of different colors will be mixed together and you must calculate carefully to complete the game requirements. The difficulty of each level will also increase continuously over time, which promises to bring challenges for players that are not simple at all. Later, there will be more sand, but in return, the reward you get is also more valuable.

Unlock new fashion accessories

New fashion accessories are constantly unlocked as the player reaches the desired level. As the level rises, you can unlock unique fashion accessories. But at the same time, you can complete sand stacking levels before you even think about creating an impressive fashion style. Besides, Woman Strength: Genesis also brings a lot of daily activities. You must refer to the content of these activities and perform them to obtain valuable rewards.

Get W3T for free

W3T is the cryptocurrency that represents a woman’s power: Genesis. You can get W3T for free by completing sandbox levels or selling the NFTs you just created. Of course, you will receive the corresponding amount from W3T or SOL if another player buys your NFT creation. You can also visit the Maket section to check out NFTs from other players. This is also a place for players around the world to sell their NFTs. Use W3T or SOL to purchase the NFTs you want.

Beautiful cartoon graphics

The display quality of Power of Women: Genesis is very good with the details displayed on the screen. You can easily see the characteristics of the model girls along with the available fashion accessories. Moreover, the interface design of this game makes us very impressed. All necessary information is available on the main screen, so that new players can easily get acquainted and easily interact. In addition, the background music will bring you a sense of relaxation while playing.

How to install Power of Women: Genesis

Step 1: Download the APK version of Power of Women: Genesis from

Step 2: Open Unknown Sources and allow “Power of Women: Genesis” MOD APK to be installed.

Step 3: Open the Power of Women file: Select Install.

Step 4: Follow the on-screen instructions until the installation is complete. Click the available icon to enjoy the game right away.

Download Power of Women: Genesis APK for Android

Power of Women: Genesis is a fashion design game for all kinds of players. You can satisfy your passion for design and earn money during the game. If your NFT design is impressive enough, the proceeds from the sale of your NFT will be enormous. At the same time, this is also a playground for fashion design lovers around the world where people can interact or buy and sell each other’s products.

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