Genshin Impact: Explore the Area and Find a Way to Activate the Giant Device Quest Guide

Your crimson roster will be upgraded to full clearance after completing the global quest, Double Evidence. This World Quest is available in the Aaru Village, and going to the Dual Hall is one of the sub-quests of the World Quest.

To finish the sub-quest, we will explain how to solve puzzles in the Duat Hall.

Solve the puzzle of Duat Hall in Genshin Impact

Upon completion of the Golden Slumber World quest in Genshin Impact, the global quest double guide becomes available.

Before you can finish the double guide, you have to finish several quests, and visiting the Duat Hall is one of them. You must first go to the pyramid on the magma dune by following routing symbol.

Solve the Duat Hall puzzle

To unlock the path, turn left and interact with the secret ritual base.

Follow the steps to a platform with a glowing surface. Reach the top using the wind gusts on the platform.

At the top, release the primordial ember and go down. To prevent Primal Ember from being destroyed, make sure the platform is not activated.

To get to the Primal Torch in the first room, follow the Primal Ember. Use the base of the sacred ritual in the photo above to open the door in the center.

Insert the hole into the room located in the middle.

Continue until you come across a large cave with a teleportation path point in the middle. You can come back here by activating a waypoint, so do that now.

The entrance to Duat Hall is to the east of Teleport Waypoint.

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Seelie can be found inside Duat Hall. Advance to the top floor where you can locate the Sacred Ritual Base and the teleportation route point that will take you to the place of swallowing.

This completes Duat Hall. You are given the new task of getting full clearance for your stone slab as soon as you open the door. The place to swallow is one of the sites that you must visit.