Gundam Evolution: Best Starter Mobile Suits to Use

Not all mobile suits in Gundam Evolution are created equal.

Given the nature of competitive matches online, it is important to understand which ones fit the competition best and what mobile suits are best to use. This is especially true for those who stick to the free-to-play aspects of the game.

The Gundam Evolution suit set for mobile is categorized according to different ‘levels’, with the S-Tier being the ‘best’ and the D-Tier being among the least playable.

You can view the arrangement as follows:

  • S-class
  • A-class
  • b- class
  • C-class
  • D-class

S-Tier mobile suits tend to be the most knowledgeable regarding all kinds of situations and performance aspects. Barbatos and Sazabi, in particular, are cited as the most aggressive and controlling suits for tank players.

We won’t go into the suits you can buy so we can keep this guide strictly on the free play side, and the suits are available to all players.

Best beginner mobile phone suits to use (for FTP players) in Gundam Evolution

Sazabi – More than a tank bubble suit. As mentioned, this is one of the most powerful suits in the game altogether. Sazabi is able to detect enemy positions, boost them towards and protect team allies, and the gun/shield combination can easily compete in close range combat.

Sazabi’s armor also increased her total health by 1,600. This puts her in a whopping total of 3000 health – making it by far the most powerful suit in the game. Melee attacks and stun attacks can penetrate the shield, which means that Sazabi players will have to enhance melee attacks / melee players and players with suits like the RX-78.

pale rider

For Overwatch fans who are slowly migrating to Gundam Evolution, Pale Rider might be worth a try. Pale Rider is actually similar to Overwatch’s Soldier 76, which can help bridge the jump between games.

The Pale Rider’s assault rifle deals a tremendous amount of damage. For those who just want an all-around orange suit with high damage output across all ranges, Pale Rider can easily destroy enemies out of cover or unprotected.

Hikers can be taken out using electromagnetic grenades and shrapnel. The Pale Rider’s healing beacon can also help heal the entire team if they are grouped together and within a radius. As with the Sazabi, the Pale Rider’s primary weakness are the melee suits.


A comprehensive processor and a more balanced unit. Methuss acts as a supportive healing character, with the highest healing potential in the game.

Unregulated for the healing unit, Methuss can still damage other units while healing one target at the same time – with two primary weapons with a double pistol. Active skills also include a deployable turret that can auto-aim to deal damage to enemies.

Maneuvering the G with the power cable can increase the damage to the target unit, while decreasing the amount of damage the target does to you. This is very effective against the previous two claims that we have mentioned.

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