Hair Challenge Mod APK 8.6.7 (Unlimited diamonds) free Download

Our hair is an essential part of our bodies as they represent so many of our personalities. More than that, we can design them and instantly make our look different! If you are fond of long hair and challenges, then you should try Hair Challenge today. See if you can make your hair as long as possible to bypass many obstacles and finish the course. Here, the longer the hair, the more prizes.

hair challenge apk

This fun hair obstacle course game lets you enjoy picking up different hairs to make your hair long! Here, you will use your long hair to your advantage as you walk through a lot of obstacles and pick up different colored hairs of the day. Avoid spikes and dangerous obstacles along the way and have a great ride today! The longer your hair, the better your score. Can you beat your highest score to get the most diamonds and rewards today?

Make your hair long

If you’re someone who likes to make your hair longer, you’re like a lot of people. In the world today, there are so many things that you can do to lengthen your hair. You can apply aloe vera and different hair products and allow it to grow over time. With long hair, we can do many different hairstyles and colors and pair it with many cool shoes and dresses. This is why getting long hair is a great way to show our personalities.

Hair Challenge apk latest version

In Hair Challenge, you can enjoy a hair-centric game that lets you take obstacle courses filled with sharp blades! These things should be avoided as much as possible so that your hair does not get cut. But you can also pick up different hairs in all the cycles which increases the length of your hair. These bristles are essential so you can score higher in the end! The longer the hair, the more rewards you can get.

Enjoy different hair colors and styles today at different levels. You can also collect hair dyes, characters, and hair accessories as well.

Hair Challenge Features

Do you like to extend your hair? In hair challenge, you will enjoy different types of hair and obstacles.

Hair Challenge apk free download

Amazing obstacle courses – Do you wish you had long hair or do you already have one? Our hair is an important part of our body as it is one of the most unique and customizable parts of it. We can wear any style and hair color and we can make it any length we want. But if you want to enjoy a game about hair, you should play Hair Challenge now. A game from Rollic Games, here you can enjoy growing your hair instantly and avoid obstacles.

The introduction to the game is simple, you just need to be able to grow your hair as you go down dangerous obstacle tracks. Today there are rotating blades of all shapes and sizes that threaten your hair! You should avoid all of these things so that you can walk the red carpet and get rewards based on your hair length. Enjoy a fun game today where you can unlock tons of characters, accessories and dresses.

Download hair challenge for Android

fun obstacles – In hair challenge you will go through many amazing obstacle courses which are full of dangerous and dangerous things. There are rotating blades, saws, and many more that can cut your hair in an instant. You have to go through the finish line keeping your hair length so you can get a high score. But don’t worry, you can pick up hair along the way which will then add to your existing hair! Many different colors are available such as pink, brown, blue and more.

Get your hair longer – This game allows you to catch hairs scattered along obstacle tracks! The more hair you pick up, the longer your hair will be. But it can get shorter as you go through the blades. You should keep the length and make it as tall as you can.

Hair Challenge apk new update

Unlock hair dyes, characters and accessories – Hair Challenge also allows you to unlock many of today’s hair colors and styles. There are also many characters that you can unlock and use so you can try out fun things. You are also allowed to unlock various accessories like cute hair bands and many more. This game lets you enjoy all these goodies of certified hair addicts!

Fun 3D graphics – Enjoy walking the dangerous hurdles today with realistic looking hurdles. Hair designs and colors are great too!

Download Hair Challenge Mod APK – Latest Version

If you want to try a different type of racing game, try Hair Challenge! Get your hair longer now.

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