Hidden Hotel MOD APK 1.1.87 (Unlimited Money) for Android

Hidden object games are constantly one of the most successful and fascinating games of all time. It not only offers addictive gameplay and an amazing story but also designed with stunning graphics. However, have you tried one to see how well it was made? Have you ever tried or heard about Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery? It’s been on the number one list for several weeks, and it’s said to be one of the best puzzle games out there!

When mentioning hidden object games, people often think of “Homescapes” or “Gardenscapes”, but they are missing out on an absolutely amazing game title called Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery. The game was published by WhaleApp LTD in 2019 and has received a warm welcome ever since. Using your skills to renovate a destroyed hotel, turn it into the most beautiful place in the city and unlock many amazing features. Are you excited to see what this game contains? Let’s get started!

a story

In Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery, players inherit the old grandfather’s hotel, and their job is to fix it because it is now a complete mess. A whole new adventure awaits you to explore and discover puzzles, challenging missions and much more.

The game offers you a mixture of puzzle and adventure genres, with challenging gameplay. Hidden Hotel will undoubtedly keep your attention for many hours of fun. Players can become a house designer who works with amazing furniture and a detective who solves hotel mysteries. As the hotel has a dirty environment, tourists and other customers don’t dare to visit. Your task is to discover the truth and highlight this hotel so that it can be opened again.

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As a detective, players can find themselves in unknown locations with missions to search for hidden objects. And as a house designer, players will be given a long list of beautiful decorations to play with while performing tasks such as cleaning, repairing, and decorating. There seems to be a lot of work to do, but don’t worry, that’s why Hidden Hotel is so addictive!

Hotel hidden screen 3


Straightforward and uncomplicated gameplay

No player wants to experience complicated gameplay because all they want to do in the game is to relax and enjoy it to the fullest. Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery is easy to understand with a simple story and gameplay that any player of any age can enjoy.

When players enter the game for the first time, they will be introduced to a clear tutorial that includes steps. If you have played Gardenscapes or Homescapes before, a tutorial is not strictly necessary for this game. Players will experience the game from an isometric point of view and control the character to help him make choices.

Hidden Hotel has simple touch controls, and during the gameplay, players just have to touch the screen to collect them. The tasks and challenges are varied, you will never get bored while living in this mysterious and amazing place.

Hotel hidden screen 2

Characters and decorations

While going on an adventure, players will encounter many cute and well-designed characters. They will undoubtedly help you in all your troubles, give useful information, and have fun conversations. Although these characters are not real players, they are always fun and lively to interact with.

In the game, this hotel is a huge place with many rooms to fix. In addition, players can unlock more and more furniture to decorate the hotel. All are colorful and beautifully designed.

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Search like a pro

Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery is different from other puzzle games because it will make you feel like a detective in Sherlock Holmes! Each scene contrasts with each other and the difficulty increases as you play. The game will activate your sense of observation, leading you to the ultimate goal.

Find hidden objects by opening the door, pulling the curtains aside, opening chests, and much more. The faster you find them, the more you earn. If you just want to decorate and repair your hotel, clearing puzzles is the only way to earn some stars. It’s not as easy as you think, but don’t give up too soon, all the rewarding rewards are waiting for you.

Sometimes, things are hard to find. A fun game does not mean that it is not difficult at all. The little things are always hard to look for, they can be everywhere. Keep your eyes wide open, and the rewards will come.

There are a variety of rooms that you can unlock, and this also means that there are many scenes and levels for you to play. Moreover, finding items gives you a chance to renovate or upgrade parts of the hotel. Find the way to complete them all, and finally, your hotel will attract customers again with its beauty.

Hotel hidden screen 0


Since players may be stuck somewhere they are not expecting, they can use search tools to help them find the details. Reinforcements are a useful feature for finding things faster and speeding up progress. For example, a lantern can highlight hidden objects, a clock can give you extra time, or a switch will unlock items in a location, and the radar will display all items for a second. Remember to use a suitable booster if you can’t find an item!

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Search modes

As I mentioned above, Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery is not like other games. The developer has added many search modes for players to enjoy such as word search, silhouette, reverse word, cobweb and coins. By releasing these features, players can enjoy the game even more!

Hotel hidden screen 1

Unlimited Money / Stars / Energy

An amazing game should have great features! Luckily , Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery Mod APK Giving players unlimited money, stars and energy to explore without any limits. Feel free to use your money, stars and energy to buy or unlock any item you want!

Quality sound and graphic visuals

The team of designers for this game have done a great job in designing and giving the game a dynamic and stunning look. The frame rate is smooth, the colors are harmonious, and every detail is carefully drawn.

The soundtrack and sound effects of the game are carefully produced. It is always a pleasure to listen to the music and effects of the Hidden Hotel.

last thoughts

Although there are many games like Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery, this game can easily be seen with unusual features. Since the game is suitable for all ages, you can enjoy it with your friends, family or maybe alone. Are you ready to start your journey? Join this popular search and find game to discover more amazing content!