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Sometimes, women wear high heels for a professional look or to go to parties. These shoes are difficult to wear for long periods of time. Some even require rigorous training and experience just to use it. Even supermodels sometimes move while using them. But if you are ready for a different challenge today, try playing High Heels.

High Heels Mod APK

This walking game lets you wear high heels everywhere. But the challenge does not end there. There will be many obstacles that will get in your way! Do you think you are experienced with high heels enough? Try your skills and become a professional runway model in this fun and hilarious action game. You will discover many uses for high heels that you have not seen before. Be careful of the obstacles and collect as many high heels scattered as possible.

Complete levels in high heels

As if walking on high heels wasn’t hard enough, Zynga created an obstacle course game based on the premise that you wear high heels on obstacle courses. In High Heels, it is a dynamic obstacle game that allows you to weaken these tough boots and bypass various obstacles. There are multiple levels to overcome and each of them offers different levels of challenges.

High Heels APK latest version

There are wall obstacles and sometimes you may need to walk on a narrow beam to cross buildings. But you will also need to collect the shoes that are scattered on the track so that you do not lose the game. This is because eventually you will encounter obstacles that you cannot get past, so you will lose some shoes. Regardless, this game is endless fun that allows you to collect diamonds and different types of heels. You need to play this game now and relieve your stress! Be the queen of high heels and show them your skills in balancing, running and overcoming obstacles.

What do you expect in high heels?

Have you ever tried to wear high heels? If you do, you should know that it is not easy to put on any other shoes. But at High Heels, you’ll be wearing one on crazy obstacle courses!

High Heels APK Free Download

Go to many levels – At High Heels, you’ll go through levels of wearing high heels all the time. But you have to be careful because the road is full of different obstacles. Sometimes there are blocks on the road, while at other times, you may need to cross buildings on a stick. In general, you have to use balancing skills and different evasion techniques to complete the levels. This is while collecting various items on the way. There are keys as well as diamonds. Not to mention that you need to collect heels to get through the obstacles. Finally, the more shoes you have at the finish line, the more rewards you will get.

Collect diamonds and heels – In High Heels you will need to collect diamonds and heels in addition to keys. They are all scattered in the map so you have to do your best to get them while avoiding the various obstacles. The question is, can you beat the levels and get the rewards?

Download High Heels for Android

Collect different objects, stones and heels – In High Heels, you have a chance to unlock different items such as heels, gems, and objects. There is a lot to unlock. There are different bodies with different faces and skin colours. There are also unique heels that you can use. There is a rainbow color, a golden one, and there is one with tiny wings. After that, you can also decorate your character with gems like crown, bracelets and even wings!

Fun gameplay and smooth graphics – This game has great graphics and animations that you will never get tired of looking at. The courses on top of buildings are designed to give you even greater challenges. Overall, you will totally enjoy the awesome animations that this game offers.

High Heels Mod APK – Unlimited Diamonds, No Ads

Are you ready to run the obstacle course in heels? Download High Heels now and enjoy the different obstacles.

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