King’s Raid MOD APK 4.82.4 (Unlimited Money) for Android

King’s Raid Not a strange name for the gaming community. Since its launch in early February 2017, this game immediately made a strong viral impact in the local gaming community. King’s Raid makes a huge difference compared to other products of the same genre, from the storylines and graphics to the gameplay.

For King’s Raid, players know how to understand the traits of each character and the attributes of the squad.

general information

King’s Raid is a great action RPG in which players are tasked with gathering a team of four heroes from different classes of characters and entering into a PvP war against players from all over the world. King’s Raid features team-building gameplay that brings fast-paced battles and a huge variety of characters for players to collect and upgrade. In the game, players build a team of four heroes from seven different character classes including Warrior, Knight, Archer, Wizard, Priest, Assassin, and Mechanic. Each character has different fighting skills and a role in combat.

Battles in King’s Raid focus on combining skills between characters. Players need to devise reasonable strategies to achieve the highest combat effectiveness. Besides plot-based missions, JRPG King’s Raid for iOS also has many other attractive modes for players to challenge. For example, in a real-time PvP arena, you can fight against other players from all over the world, boss team, and co-op battles.

King’s Raid has beautiful graphics background. It will amaze you with the wonderful effect of activating the skills of the characters. Besides, players can customize the character with a costume set.

King raid screen 0

How to play King’s Raid?

combat mode

The fighting mechanism of King’s Raid is easy to understand. They create battles in the game, and all participants in the characters will do their best to defeat the enemies in front of them. When using basic attacks, the heroes of the game gain energy called Mana Orbs. Mana Orbs are used to perform the skills that the player has equipped the hero. Timing and calculating skill usage is the only thing players have to do.

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Group management

In the victory, players will gradually unlock a large number of heroes to collect and form their own group. It is the most important mission in King’s Raid because each hero will have unique skills and strengths. Combining them to create a strong team and matching their playing style is something players should think about.

There are three basic types of heroes that the player must master, namely defense, attack and recovery. An effective team will need all three types of characters. Besides, in King’s Raid, there are two types of damage that are magic and physics. Therefore, players also need to learn to make the right choice. If not, don’t ask why you get bullied by bosses in phases 3 and 4 throughout the day.

King raid screen 1

Skills and equipment

Each hero will have his own set of equipment and skills to make them stronger. Heroes will get skill points every time they level up. Therefore, increasing the power of the ability is easy because leveling up in King’s Raid is relatively light in nature.

However, getting an excellent set of equipment is much more difficult and complicated. The simplest ways are free summons, complete lines, and gain achievements. Among them, we can consider achievements as the best way to earn equipment. So, try to get it done as much as possible.

Also, every time you defeat a small door, you’ll get some rubies. You can use this amount of Ruby to buy equipment. But remember to get enough ruby ​​to buy ten times at a time. Will add promotional gifts. Finally, each hero has special equipment.

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King's Raid 3 شاشة screen


Many new players will have trouble facing bosses from level 3 onwards. Each boss will have his strengths and weaknesses. Find out carefully before you encounter them. The Boss is also a place for you to check if the set of characters you’ve set up are doing well or not. In the early stage, it is better to invest in a balanced combination of physics and magic. Because if your party leans toward a trait, then when you come across bosses who counter that trait, you may have to play with them for a long time before you can succeed.

a hero

As we mentioned from the beginning, King’s Raid is a game that revolves around two elements. One of them is the Hero group. Therefore, it is essential that players think carefully before executing the Hero Summoning.

If you are going to buy more Ruby, please ignore what is written below. But if not, read and remember carefully. Like every other game, King’s Raid also offers a lot of incentives for beginners like enough Ruby cards and free Hero summon cards. Think and learn carefully about your team’s formation and playing style before using it.

Finally, as mentioned in the Skills and Equipment section, each hero has a special weapon. When possessed, the hero’s attacks carry different effects. So, when you randomly receive them, see who the hero is and think about the possibility of building a squad centered around the hero. The supremacy of special weapons is worth changing the list for them.

King's Raid 2 . screen

Summoners War is an amazing and addictive mobile game. Summoners War evokes an engaging monster style with many cool leveling options. If you have ever played Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians, it is easy for you to plunge into the world of Summoners War. However, if you are new to playing it, you will be a little surprised.

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Many people accept rewards as soon as they receive them. But in Summoners War, take a moment to consider its benefits. First, you’ll get one of the two-week free trial boosts. So avoid accepting any other experience for prizes until the end of this period. If not, it is easy to lose sight of useful tools. Also, avoid accepting EXP, at least for the first time. Energy isn’t always a big problem in this game. But you will run out of energy while plowing. If you want to improve your experience, avoid receiving high EXP rewards from achievements until you run out of energy as they will automatically refill after leveling up.

Summoners War is more social than you think. Therefore, do not be afraid to chat with other players regularly and ask questions when you have problems. Almost everyone in the community is willing to help.

last words

King’s Raid was released on 02/02/2017, like a 3D card game with beautiful eye-catching graphic. He’s not completely naive, but he’s not very mature. However, most players still think that they classify the game as adventure. So far, the game just celebrated its first birthday with amazing events. The event is ongoing and the giveaways continue to attract fans.

As a role-playing game, King’s Raid allows players the right to upgrade characters using equipment or improve items to increase offensive or defensive qualities. These are the most important factors if players are to build a strong squad.