Launcher iPhone 8.5.4 APK + MOD [Prime Unlocked] Download

Customizing your Android device interface to iOS has never been so simple with the help of Launcher iPhone MOD APK. Now, you don’t need to go through complicated operations anymore and still fulfill your desires. Get ready to make your device look like iOS with the help of this app now.

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Introduce Launcher iPhone

Launcher iPhone – Change iOS` style home screen style

The convenience of the iOS interface is indisputable at the moment. Of course, the interface of Android devices also has its own utilities for users. But you should try switching to the iOS interface to feel the modernity it offers. Now is the time to download iPhone Launcher and customize the look of your device now.

This product from publisher SaS Developer already has more than 10 million installs along with 4.7 reviews on Google Play. With just a few simple steps, you can customize the main interface on your Android device to instantly become iOS. A brand new display space with great features is waiting for you to explore now.

Small change but very effective

The way iPhone Launcher works has not changed much compared to other popular mobile launchers. Transform your Android device with iOS-like look and feel the main feature of this app. The usage is also very simple, you just need to download and install this app on your device. Then it only takes a minute to apply everything quickly and effectively. Tools like icons, lock screens, wallpapers and more have been applied smoothly to give a true iOS device experience.

Control Center Integration

Control Center is known as one of the features that makes the iOS interface more convenient than Android. Here, users can easily perform operations to access essential features like turning Wifi on and off, flash, airplane mode, and more. All important features have been combined in one place for user convenience, including home screen, notification center, control center, assistive touch and lock screen.

Search more conveniently

Download Launcher iphone mod

Anytime you want to search on your Android device, just scroll down to instantly see the search bar. At this point, you enter your desired search keyword and the system will automatically find the most relevant results. Now you can find any information directly on the home screen with high definition and mass. Searching has never been so simple before, you can try to download iPhone Launcher to check it out right away.

Change icons and status bar according to preference

Despite being a pure iOS launcher, iPhone Launcher still offers strong customization support. More specifically, users can use this app to change the icons on the screen as per their preference. The status bar can also be changed to a new style as long as it suits the user’s needs. You don’t have to set all features as default. Feel free to customize it to make everything even more special.

Put different gestures

Gestures are an important part of making user actions more perfect when using an Android device. iPhone launcher understands this. This app provides a lot of different gestures for users to choose freely. You can find important gestures like swipe up, swipe down, and tap home button when using this app. Besides, this app also supports users to group similar apps and is not limited to groups. This will make it easier to find and use these apps more quickly next time.

Personalize the interface

Download Launcher iphone apk

Launcher iPhone provides a variety of powerful interface customizations for users to choose freely. You can start by changing the screen grid, infinite scrolling, showing or hiding the search bar, customizing folder previews, and a lot of other options. The way to customize the interface in this app is also very simple. With just a few simple taps and swipes, you can transform everything on your screen in your own way. In general, new customizations will appear constantly in the near future to offer users more options.

How to install iPhone Launcher

Step 1: Download the iPhone Launcher APK or MOD file via the Download link in this article.

Step 2: Go to Settings on your phone and enable Unknown sources to allow APK and MOD files to be installed.

Third Step: Install the downloaded file.

Step 4: Open the app and use it once the installation is complete.

Download Launcher iPhone MOD APK for Android

Just provide certain permissions to this app and you can enjoy the brand new iOS look and feel on your Android mobile device. Launcher iPhone is packed with interface customization options that give users the freedom to change everything without having to use default customizations. Moreover, when you discover errors that appear during use, you can provide feedback to the publisher. They will try to fix the error in the latest updates.

MOD . Features:

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