Magic Widgets Mod APK 1.1.8 (Premium unlocked) Download

Exciting details about Magic Widgets

Magic Widgets is a phone personalization application provided by Ai Bei Ji Xing Tech Co Ltd. It contains many widgets that you can use to customize your phone’s home screen.

You can use unique patterns for each icon, allowing you to hide important files from malicious individuals. For example, the WhatsApp icon can be anything you want! As such, no one can access it without your permission.

In addition to enhancing the security of your phone, the widgets are nice! It makes your home screen attractive and exceptional. If you want to experience a magical home screen, you should download Magic Widgets for Android now!

Magic Widgets Download Requirements

Magic Widgets are 58MB in size and require 60MB of free storage space. Works with both iPhone and Android devices. If you want to download the APK version, you must make sure that your phone is running Android 5.0 and above.

The app has more than a million installs on the Google Play Store. With a rating above 3, you can be sure that you will have a satisfying experience using this app.

magic widgets mod apk premium

It contains in-app purchases that allow you to access more user interface elements. However, you can still get an unparalleled customization experience without purchasing these items. The cost ranges from $3 to $20.

How Magic Widgets APK works

Magic Widgets is a unique application that gives you the opportunity to design the home screen of your phone. It has many user interface elements that you can configure to change any aspect of your home screen. It includes clock widget, battery widget, weather widget, calendar widget, and many more!

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With Magic Widgets APK, you can choose from a wide range of patterns. Each style has unique icons that allow you to hide important files behind modest folders and apps. It also allows you to customize your phone with different themes or wallpapers.

Customizable widgets! You can change the size, color, fonts, and location of each widget. You can even add or remove extensions.

Magical widgets mod apk latest version

With Magic Widgets APK, you don’t have to worry about a unique interface! It is a comprehensive application that gives you everything you need in one download. Whether you want your home screen to look modern or vintage, there are plenty of styles and patterns to choose from.

Magic Widgets APK is intuitive by design

Magic Widgets for Android has a simple interface that can be customized even by kids or young adults without prior experience. It’s easy to navigate through each widget too!

Magic Widgets APK contains themes that can be used with any wallpaper or background! It has wallpapers for any occasion, including seasons and holidays!

Magic Widgets APK uses the latest technology

The app makes your device look cleaner! There are no ads that appear when you open the app. You can even choose to hide certain icons on your home screen.

Magical widgets mod apk free download

In addition, the widgets are designed exclusively for mobile devices. You can use it on iOS or Android phones without any difficulties!

You don’t have to worry about compatibility issues, even if your system is more than 5 years old! It contains widgets that you can use for your phone’s home screen, notification drawer, and lock screen.

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Magic Widgets APK customization tasks you can do

Magic Widgets APK Download contains the following popular tools:

  • Clock widget. Change the size, color, and location of the clock widget. You can even choose to hide or show the date! You can also choose from different shapes to suit your style
  • Alarm widget. Alarms control system with ease! The alert tool allows you to set alerts for your device. You can even choose whether or not alerts will sound when headphones are connected!
  • weather widget. This tool allows you to check the weather forecast on your device. You can choose to set the time for it so that you have all the forecast information you need first thing in the morning
  • Task management tool. Get notifications about your phone’s energy usage! It will notify users when the battery is low or when it has been completely changed. It will also show you how much storage space is left for your device
Download Magic Widgets mod apk for Android
  • History widget. Set the date widget to display in the language of your choice! You can even change its format depending on the date format in your country. Even better, you can set a countdown to events like birthdays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, exams, and more.
  • battery widget. Adjust battery tools for single battery, double battery and more! It also shows the percentage of your remaining power as well as the charging status
  • picture widget. This tool allows you to upload images to your device. You can even set a picture as your contact picture!
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Download Magic Widgets Mod APK for Android

The Premium Magic Widgets Mod APK version allows you to access all the features without paying a dime.

In addition, Magic Widgets Mod APK free download comes with unlimited widgets! As such, you can customize every aspect of your Android phone!


Magic Widgets is the perfect app for anyone who wants to customize their Android phone! You will be able to change every aspect of your phone.

It allows you to set up unique widgets for different aspects of your device, such as the home screen, notification drawer and lock screen!

With all these features combined, Magic Widget APK Mod is perfect for users of all ages. Anyone can use it to make their phone match their personality and style!