MagicWidgets APK 1.1.8 [Latest Version] Download for Android

Customize your home screen to be more impressive and stylish with the help of MagicWidgets APK. It is a powerful customization tool that allows users to choose from a wide range of available resources. In a few simple steps, you can add premium widgets right on the home screen of your Android device.

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Introduce MagicWidgets

MagicWidgets – An application that supports customizing widgets on the home screen

The appearance of widgets on the home screen will help users feel more comfortable managing the available content. It not only plays the role of providing information, but also makes the main interface more attractive and unique. You should try to use MagicWidgets app from publisher Ai Bei Ji Xing TECH CO LTD to convert widgets to your liking.

The app has dozens of clock styles, calendars, photos, and more available for users to choose from. Moreover, you are also free to customize your phone’s home screen and design it more clearly. Are you ready to transform your home screen content? Download this app through Google Play or on the APK link at the bottom of this article to enjoy it right away.

Hundreds of themes to choose from

MagicWidgets provides a variety of widget theme styles for users to choose from. You just need to search for your favorite theme, then apply and feel instantly change the look of your home screen. So you can change widgets for clock, battery, weather, notes, and more. The special thing is that users can reconfigure the available UI elements or change any aspect. Each design style will be suitable for different users, so new themes are constantly added to fully meet users’ needs.

Lots of facilities available

With MagicWidgets, users can access common user interface elements such as clock, notifications, weather, date, battery or even a task manager. Usually, a weather widget will help you control the weather in the surrounding area without having to have direct access to the app. Or the task manager tool will help you to get all the information related to the operation of the device. Each tool has a different expression that will surely make you feel amazing.

Customize size and more

If you are not satisfied with the default tools, users can freely customize them in many different ways. Although most of the tools are meticulously designed, not all templates are suitable for all users. Therefore, you have to make some customization related to the size, color or content of each widget to effectively personalize it. Moreover, this app also allows users to upload their favorite wallpapers to create widgets according to their preferences.

Set reminders for important events

In fact, there are many notable events of the year which we must remember. But it will be much more effective with the help of MagicWidgets. Accordingly, the countdown tool will help the users to capture the upcoming activities or exact time of seconds. You can set reminders for important events such as holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, parties, Thanksgiving, Christmas and more. Don’t forget to choose the clock and calendar format to liven things up.

Convenient user interface

MagicWidgets offers a very convenient interface system that is suitable for the needs of all users. You can easily interact and quickly create the tools you want with the help of this application. Moreover, the way to use is also very simple, just touch the customizable icons available on the screen and design the widget in your own way. The design design is also very harmonious, which will bring you convenience from the first use.

Submit your suggestion

If you encounter any problems during use or have suggestions, you should contact the publisher. They always encourage users to contact them regularly to help together make MagicWidgets more and more perfect. User support will help the publisher to detect and fix minor bugs as quickly as possible. You can contact them through the email available on Google Play. Be a part of this app’s user community.

How to install MagicWidgets

Step 1: Click on APK or MOD version at the bottom of this article to download the app.

Step 2: The install button will appear on the screen after the download is complete, touch it to install.

Step 3: Log in to the app by tapping on the MagicWidgets icon available on the home screen.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding downloading and installing this app on MODDED-1.COM.

Download MagicWidgets APK for Android

Hundreds of different widget themes are waiting for you to discover in MagicWidgets. The utilities in this application are very beautifully designed with many different options for all types of users. Moreover, you can also choose from the available tools or create your own. Please use the MOD version on our website to use the advanced features of this app absolutely for free.

MOD . Features:

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