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Me is King MOD APK allows you to become a true prehistoric king. All the inhabitants of the vast island obey you. Therefore, you need to make wise decisions to develop this place into a rich and expanding land.

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Show me is the king

I am the King – a simulation game to become the king of a prehistoric kingdom

Go back to prehistoric times and experience the feeling that you have become a powerful king in me now. This is a great simulation game where you will build and manage your own kingdom in the most logical way. As a supreme leader, the player has the right to rule the tribe in his own way without being dominated by any other force.

But at the same time, you should be responsible for the development of people’s lives so that the tribe grows more and more. Publisher PIXIO offers a lot of different attractions to this game so that players can manage resources to optimally enhance the civilization of the region. You should try to download Me is King via Google Play or APK link below this article to play right away.

be the king

Becoming a king has never been so simple, in the past or the present. By joining Me is King, players will be able to get a closer look at the life of a real racer. You will manage the entire operation in your kingdom and ensure that everything from construction, farming and animal husbandry to military development is done in the optimum manner.

All these activities will be directly managed by you, so make the right decisions so that people always trust their own. The larger the population, the greater the farming activities, but you also have to make sure that your people always have a stable life. Moreover, do not forget to expand the empire to many different regions and enjoy the wonderful moments of being a king.

Farm maintenance and development

Before thinking about combat operations or expanding the area, you need to maintain and develop the farm to the optimum level. Because when the food source is fully met, it can help the tribe feel safe to do other activities. Food development activities are always very dangerous for people, so you need to help them as soon as possible.

Download me is king mod

For example, some hunters have difficulty coping with predators, or environmental influences make farming ineffective. At the same time, you can also use the fast forward tool to speed up the process of economic development to get a large output in a short period of time. Your specific actions will have a direct impact on the lives of the people in I Am the King.

Efficient resource management

Being a true king helps you to have a lot of wealth and the most precious resources in the clan. Let us effectively use the obtained resources to develop people’s lives to the optimum level. For example, agriculture will create a valuable food source, or only resources such as wood and stone can build specific buildings.

You cannot use the resources that the poor have just acquired for inefficient purposes. In addition, do not forget to trade with the surrounding tribes to evolve together. Sometimes they will need economic or military assistance from your tribe. Feel free to send troops to help them out of trouble.

Tribal Decorate

Me is King gives players a lot of different decorations to help the tribe become more impressive. You can try to build a giant stone statue that depicts yourself to people to show their respect for their leader. Or you can buy new costumes for people to make them look more special in the process of working as well as fighting. Place fountains or plan the best locations to make your kingdom as beautiful as possible.

funny cartoon drawings

Download me is king apk

The development of King’s cartoon-style graphics will surely make you feel impressive. All the details that appear in this game are described relatively simple but very beautifully. You will feel like going back to prehistoric times and living like a real king through the activities that take place on the screen. Moreover, the buildings and their surroundings will definitely not make you bored with the constant change over time.

How to install Me is King

Step 1: You can download the version (APK or MOD) of Me is King developed on

Step 2: Open Settings on your device and enable Unknown sources.

Step 3: Open the file Me is and install it.

Step 4: Open the game when fully installed and enjoy it for free.

Download Me is King MOD APK for Android

The evolution of the clan within me is entirely dependent on the player’s decisions. You are also the one who sets the general principles and rules of life and creates civilization according to your will. In addition, you must download the MOD version on our website to facilitate the rule of your clan.

MOD . Features:

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