MultiVersus: How to Combo with Tom and Jerry

In MultiVersus, you can use some of the most famous characters in the Warner Bros. universe. You can be Batman, Finn, Bugs Bunny, Tom and Jerry, and Shaggy to fight with other players. This guide will show you how to win games with Tom and Jerry.

How to get together with Tom and Jerry in MultiVersus

One of the usable characters in MultiVersus is the famous duo Tom and Jerry. They are in the class of wizards, which means that they are long-range attackers. Tom can even use Jerry as an attack by attaching him to a missile and throwing it at the enemy. To unlock Tom and Jerry, you will need 3000 gold.

Tom and Jerry Combo

Bread and butter in Tom and Jerry sets are the moves cast iron crusher and the slingshot sniper.

To do the combos efficiently, you need to learn how to make a cast iron crusher easily and quickly by jumping and falling at a faster pace. The other alternative is a dash, a jump, and a descent. This movement will allow you to continue your combo if the enemy runs away from you.

Learning these two skills will make it easier for you to use Tom and Jerry in MultiVersus. You can start the combo with a sniper slingshot or a slingshot and wait for Jerry to hit the opponent with a cork, then proceed to complete the combo move.

Ending an opponent can be difficult at times, but Tom and Jerry have plenty of killer moves to offer. Garbage tie and snap traps Other moves are to eliminate enemies with relative ease.

Keep in mind that it is necessary to diversify your combinations in MultiVersus, and not just send two undesirable types of attack due to the so-called Attack Decay. It reduces the damage you deal with each attack if you spam frequently.