MultiVersus: Which Perks are The Best | Perks Tier List

MultiVersus has a perks system that greatly affects your in-game performance. It has three categories; Offense, Defense Perks and Utility. Equipping and mixing perks can help you survive the game longer or kill your enemy faster. We’ll show you the best features to use and get.

What are the best perks in MultiVersus

Each character has its own basic perks in the game. But there is an option called franchise training, You can choose from a list of perks that you can buy and add to your character set. To do this, your character must reach Level 9. The price of the pond is 150 gold.

List of privilege layers

The list of levels will be divided into “Important”, “Best Attack”, “Best Defense”, “Best Utility”, “Good” and others.

The first layer is Important class. You equip these perks to enhance your playing style. The last three on this list can help you survive longer.

  1. snowball effect
  2. tuna flexibility
  3. Tasmanian trigonometry
  4. triple jump

Second, we have Best offense. It is the best offensive perk in the game.

  1. nodal space punch
  2. Hit’em while they’re down

Level 3 is the best defense with four of the best defense perks.

  1. school for me once…
  2. Absorb ‘n’ Go
  3. clean the air
  4. slippery customer

The fourth level is best benefitOnly one feature.

  1. covezilla

Good The class is as follows:

  1. Ice to hit you!
  2. I’ll take it
  3. This is a flammable document
  4. side effects
  5. Amazing leg movements
  6. I dodge you dodge we dodge
  7. aerialist
  8. Hit me if you can
  9. last stand
  10. Make it rain, dog!
  11. painted target
  12. ready for revenge

Finally, we have Aharonwhich is disappointing compared to the above perks.

  1. Road Force Punch
  2. naughty wild cat
  3. Up, Up, and A-Slay
  4. That’s (not) all, folks!
  5. static electricity
  6. crush shield
  7. The second wind under your wings
  8. sniper gun shirt
  9. kryptonian skin
  10. stronger than ever
  11. Back to back
  12. limitless energy
  13. manipulation of gravity
  14. … in one frame!
  15. leg day champion
  16. purest motive
  17. killing shot
  18. slippery when fainting
  19. speed force assistant
  20. strong dodger

MultiVersus Functionality: What Perks Are Better | The list of franchises categories first appeared in Games Fuze.