Muse MOD APK 7.0.0 (Free Shopping) for Android

Those who are interested in an exciting music game will definitely find Project: Muse to be a great mobile title to enjoy on their Android devices.

an introduction

Get ready to enjoy tons of great indie songs and audio tracks in Project: Muse, this amazing mobile game that lets players on Android enjoy their favorite audio experiences. You have no problems enjoying the fun and relaxing game of music while following the engaging stories of the characters in Project: Muse.

Just dive into the world of music and enjoy playing the great music game on any of your mobile devices. With a huge collection of high-quality soundtracks from amazing independent artists, along with brilliant and innovative gameplay of rhythmic movements, Project: Muse will allow Android gamers to fully enjoy playing the game.

Find out more about this great mobile game from Rinzz Co and its many features with our comprehensive reviews.

story / gameplay

Here at Project: Muse, Android gamers will have the perfect mobile address to enjoy great music with hundreds of great songs available. At the same time, also join the beautiful and sweet melodies in their many adventures. Discover their secret spaces and unveil their many hidden stories, so you can immerse yourself further into the game.

You have no problems enjoying this great mobile title from Rinzz Co, as you explore various great music challenges, where you will have the opportunity to join the amazing melodies in their great rhythm games. Unlock tons of great songs with different levels of in-game music to keep you engaged. Enjoy playing the exciting rhythm game with stunning visuals.

Take on many in-game challenges and interesting missions, each of which will allow you to enjoy the game differently. Unlock exciting online games, which you can enjoy with friends and players all over the world. Feel free to customize your in-game experiences. Compete in global competitions. And the list goes on.


Here are all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Simple and easy to play

To start off, Project: Muse players won’t have any issues getting comfortable with the game, thanks to its simple controls and gameplay mechanics. Simply tap on the falling beats as you immerse yourself in rhymes and follow the beats. Perform your executions perfectly to earn perfect scores. Keep your beats to hit the perfect combos and get epic highscores in each level. With fun and interactive gameplay, combined with convenient touch controls, you can always enjoy the game to the fullest.

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Enjoy the innovative and fun rhythm game

You will have no problems enjoying the innovative and fun rhythm game of Project: Muse on any of your mobile devices. With real-time key-voicing, multi-track music gameplay, and many other great innovations, along with addictive and immersive music gameplay, Project: Muse players will always enjoy their in-game experiences to the fullest. Follow the rhythms of electronic sounds as you immerse yourself in emotional tracks and dance to the beat. Rhythmic gameplay will allow you to enjoy your favorite songs in completely new shades.

Great songs from many original music producers

For those of you who are interested, you can now dive into the awesome mobile title Project: Muse and enjoy tons of great original music from the great producers. Explore their different styles of electronic music, which are constantly updated and featured in the game. Enjoy many great songs from the game, each of which allows you to enjoy your Project: Muse Adventures in a different way. Take advantage of the different song packs, so you can enjoy the in-game experiences to the fullest. With high definition songs, it is highly recommended that you put on headphones to enjoy the best experiences.

Varying levels of difficulty to keep you engaged

With Project: Muse, Android players will have varying levels of difficulty on each of their songs. All you need is to select any of them and start playing your songs on the go. You have no problems working with the great songs and enjoy the many different variations, as you reach the higher levels. All this will ensure that you will not find the game boring or repetitive at all.

Have fun working with tons of themed shapes

Featuring several themed skins, Project: Muse will allow mobile players to enjoy their in-game adventures. Here, cool and unique skins are available for each of your characters, so you can freely customize their look using different settings. In addition, the unparalleled visual effects and interesting animations will make each of your skins more exciting to work with.

Interesting characters to play with

Here at Project: Muse, Android players are allowed to enjoy their favorite game with more than 40 different characters, each with their own unique personalities and characteristics. Enjoy playing through many levels of great music. Get your cool rewards and start unlocking new characters that you can keep playing with. Feel free to choose any of your favorite music tracks and start enjoying it while playing with your favorite characters.

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Feel free to customize your character space

With the selected characters, players in Project: Muse can present their favorite ideas in their own personal space. Here, the game provides players with many interesting settings and settings for their great inspiration. You have many spaces for different characters and feel free to customize them accordingly.

Mysterious questions with a rich plot

In addition, the game will provide interesting characters with their stories and plots, which you can choose to follow and enjoy. You have no problems to explore the great phone title, as you explore the engaging stories and unveil interesting plots, which will make the music game more fun and exciting.

Enjoy playing with friends and players online

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy playing the exciting game Project: Muse with friends and online players from all over the world. Here, the game allows you to enjoy your friends’ competitions with others, or take part in epic global competitions where you will fight for the highest score in the end with your ideas.

Log in and register your data

To make the game even more exciting, Project: Muse players can now connect to their Facebook or Google accounts to log into the game. Here, you can unlock your social friends who also play this game. At the same time, you can access the online sync feature, so you can enjoy the same progress on any connected devices. In addition, this will also be useful if you lose your offline saves.

Complete daily missions to earn rewards

In Project: Muse, players can choose to take on many different daily missions, each of which offers them unique challenges and fun gameplay. Complete your daily challenges and earn many great rewards in the game.

Enjoy many free gifts

At the same time, also enjoy many free gifts, once you are active in the game. You just need to come back every day to get your daily rewards and collect prizes for your weekly deals, which you can get for free.

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Show visible improvements to amblyopia

For those in the unfortunate case of Amblyopia, this great mobile title Project: Muse would make a great game for you, as it allows you to have fun while also improving your circumstances. Take advantage of the great game so you can train your eyes and stimulate the eyeball development of children.

free to play

Despite all the exciting features, the great mobile game Project: Muse is still free for mobile players to enjoy on their mobile devices. For those who are interested, you can simply choose the free game from the Google Play Store and start enjoying it. However, with ads and in-game purchases still present for the free game, mobile gamers may want to consider the modded version of Project: Muse on our website instead.

Enjoy unlocked gameplay with our gameplay

Here, we present the modified version of the game with ads removed and unlimited features, which you can still get for free. All you need is to download a file Project: Muse Mod APKThen follow the provided instructions to install it properly, and start enjoying the many unlocked features on the go.

Picture and sound quality


Similar to Muse Dash and Deemo, the game offers responsive and impressive visual elements to keep you always in touch with the game’s exciting rhythms and stunning animations. Always enjoy the wonderful interactions between notes, rhythms and your own rhythms. Not to mention, the visually fluid gameplay will ensure that you can enjoy smooth and satisfying experiences on all your devices.

sound and music

Along with the stunning graphics, Project: Muse also offers powerful soundtracks and epic sound effects, to keep you always connected to the whole experience. To ensure the best audio experiences, a pair of headphones is highly recommended.

last thoughts

Get ready to enjoy this amazing music game in Project: Muse, where you join the amazing characters on their many rhythmic adventures. Discover tons of great songs from independent producers from all over the world. Immerse yourself in powerful music while enjoying a game of great beats. All this will allow you to enjoy the great mobile title Project: Muse to the fullest.