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Tower of Fantasy contains foods that will restore the health and fullness of your character in the game. Being full will help you recover when you are out of battle. Find out what food to make and where to get the materials to prepare it.

The ultimate food crafting guide in Fantasy Tower

The food industry in Tower of Fantasy requires that you go for these four-legged machines. To make, you must use 15 items To learn the recipe successfully. However, keep in mind that you cannot put anything to make food.

An example is making strawberry soda which requires you 2 strawberries, 2 honey, and 1 water. With such amounts of ingredients, you will only reach 35%. To achieve 100% you can add water until it reaches 15 to be 100%.

In the cultivation of ingredients or materials in the game, you will find plants that do not have fruits or things. This is because the game is set in a common world, and someone has already harvested the material before you.

But there is a way around this. Change your server to find unharvested plants. Pro tip: always eat honey as it is in great demand in the food industry.

Final foods

The final four foods that are easy to make are as follows:

The first is Balloon Fruit Salad You will need 2 fruit balloons, 2 thornmatoes, 1 salad dressing. To find out, give more salad dressing to get 100% in the recipe learning. He can restore 10 satiety and 16% + 34,000 HP.

The second is Firedragon Fruit Tea, for which you will need 2 Firedragon Fruits and 2 Honey. For the recipe, add 4 Firedragon fruits, 2 honey, and 7 water. He will recover 10 satiates and release a +1% flame attack and +80 flame attack within 900 seconds.

The third is Steamed eggs with sea urchinWhich requires 2 sea urchins and 2 chicken eggs. To find out the recipe for 100%, you need to use 2 Sea Urchin, 2 Poultry Egg, and 11 Water. This gives 10 satiety and restores 15% + 20,000 health.

last food Hazelnut tea. Requires 1 hazelnut, 2 pinecones, and 2 honey. For the recipe, use 1 hazelnut, 2 pinecones, 2 honey, and the rest water. You will recover 20 satiety and 20% + 60,000 HP.

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