New World: Secret Bosses in the Brimstone Sands Expansion

New World will get a major update in October 2022. It will have the Brimstone Sands expansion, which introduces a new area, weapon, and more. One of these secret bosses is in the new location, and we’ll show you what they are.

Secret Chiefs in the Sulfur Sands Expansion into the New World

The Public Test Realm (PTR) of the Brimstone Sands expansion to new worlds is currently ongoing, where players can experience a glimpse of the update.

Since it is not the final version yet, you may encounter some bugs and crashes. Two secret bosses are found in the new area.

Secret Heads of Sulfur Sands Expansion

The two secret bosses in the new Brimstone Sands expansion are the Elite Overlords. They are:

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The location of this secret chief is located in the middle of the desert, indicated by the icon in the map above. It is just below The Ennead.

When you head inside the boss area, skeletal archers will appear. It is annoying to hit his arrows while fighting the boss. It is also pointless to kill these skeletons because they will only appear.

The recommended number of players to fight the boss is 5, but it’s actually a tough fight because of the skeletons, so it’s safe to bring in more people. The leader is a huge beetle and only comes out during the day.

Scorpio’s plight

The chief’s name is Scorpio Supernal. When you are fighting this huge scorpion, you should watch out for acid burns on the ground because it can kill you or your teammates. It is an easier boss as compared to the other one. This boss only goes out during the night.

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Post-New World: Secret Bosses in the Sulfur Sands expansion debuted on Games Fuze.