Night of the Full Moon APK [Full Game] Download for Android

The famous adventures of Little Red Riding Hood will be completely recreated by Night of the Full Moon APK. This is a card game combined with RPG elements. The player’s task is to complete card matches from simple to complex to fully explore the main content of the game.

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Presentation about the night of the full moon

Night of the Full Moon – a card game based on the story of Little Red Riding Hood

Night of the Full Moon is a card game that combines diverse strategies with in-depth content. Publisher Giant Network decided to create a product that combines many different factors to give gamers the most impressive experience. By joining the game, players will take turns to overcome challenges in an engaging card style.

After each match, the main story of the game will be revealed gradually to arouse your curiosity. Moreover, exciting interactive situations for players will lead to different endings in Night of the Full Moon. You should try to download this game through Google Play or on our website to better understand the main content available.

The plot has depth

The player’s journey in Night of the Full Moon is inspired by the famous story of Little Red Riding Hood. More specifically, you will play the role of a young girl who embarks on a journey to find her missing grandmother. Many rumor that the Black Forest is where the beloved grandmother is kept. Therefore, you need to accompany Little Red Riding Hood on a trip to the Black Forest.

This place is very dark, as no sunlight can enter it. In order to enter the Black Forest, Little Red Riding Hood must face dark forces from orcs to witches, ferocious werewolves, and more. At the same time, the secrets of the Black Forest are gradually revealed in this adventure.

Use energy cards effectively

The energy card is known to be the most important element to help players survive the threats from the Black Forest. The more power cards you have, the higher your chances of facing dangerous enemies. Night of the Full Moon offers players more than 400 different cards with a clear division of features and characteristics. Each card represents a different hero, so you need to choose carefully. Besides, players also have to come up with the most effective battle strategies to increase the power of each card.

Upgrade the power of cards

Download night of the full moon mod

Night of the Full Moon allows players to start their journey with the help of cards with a low star count. Specifically, you will use the Little Witch card to summon the power of darkness against enemies. Gradually, new cards with super power will be unlocked.

Ranger usually improves your agility and brings more loot per fight. Or the Nun card has the effect of restoring HP in critical situations. Besides, you can also do a lot of interesting upgrades in this game to play the cards in many different ways.

Face many different challenges

Each challenge in Night of the Full Moon presents players with completely different enemies to fight. The difficulty level will be constantly increasing to help players always feel the difficulty. But the higher the difficulty, the more valuable the rewards you get. Currently, there are more than 92 mysterious opponents waiting to challenge you in this game and this number will constantly increase over time.

Offers interesting interactive options

Download night of the full moon apk

Many story options in this game will make your journey more exciting than ever. At this point, Night of the Full Moon will be like a typical visual novel game when it gives players plenty of on-screen dialogue. This is the time when you will have to make the most effective decisions to show your courage.

The more accurate the options, the higher the chance of a happy ending in the game. On the contrary, if you constantly make wrong choices, you will have unhappy experiences through the events that happen to the main character. In general, a change in content through resolutions will make Night of the Full Moon more interesting.

How to install Night of the Full Moon

Step 1: Download Night of the Full Moon (original APK) version from MODDED-1.COM.

Step 2: Open Unknown Sources on your mobile phone.

Step 3: Open the file Night of the Full and install it.

Step 4: Follow the instructions until the game icon appears on the home screen.

Download Night of the Full Moon APK for Android

Your beautiful childhood will be recreated again during the night of the full moon. Here, you will be transformed into Little Red Riding Hood and enjoy its unique adventure by participating in card battles. Please download the MOD version on our website to unlock any content you want using the Unlimited Money feature.

MOD . Features:

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