osu! Auto Clicker Bot Aim Hack Free 2022 Undetected

Oso! Auto Run Robot Auto Clicker Robot Hack Target 2022 Undetected

Oso! Auto clicker robot is a free auto clicker robot that helps you to play osu game automatically. Oso! It is a free to play game with lots of users and people who play this game on daily basis with friends.

If you are here for osu! Free hacks then you are in the right place.osu! It is one of the most amazing games ever created. Several people have been emailing us about the controversy to post an osu hack, so we’re here today with a new OSU that’s free to use! Automatic clicker robot.

This bot was created just for fun. Please don’t go and continue to destroy other people’s games by beating their scores.

Oso! free hacks informations
condition Undetected (risky to use)
Issuance else
Modernization 04/08/2022
Developer Sergey (russian dude)

osu features! automatic clicker robot

  • Undiscovered
  • easy to use
  • Completely free download
  • Automated bot.
  • Auto play osso game.
  • Automatic clicks.

How Oso! Automatic clicker robot target hack

  1. Download the latest version of the hack from below.
  2. Turn off all antivirus programs.
  3. Unzip all the files and place them in the Desktop folder. (pass: 123)
  4. Find the songs folder by going to osu! Settings, scroll to the Update section, and click Open osu! Folder. Then copy the folder path.
  5. Run the .exe file.
  6. Open OSU! Folder from the open menu opened by the cheat.
  7. Find the song you want to play and select the correct difficulty (very important, the mouse will not move if you select the wrong difficulty, restart your computer if this happens and select the correct song).
  8. Go to osu settings and find mouse settings from there, turn off “initial input” (if it’s already disabled, do nothing).
  9. Start the song and don’t touch the mouse or keyboard.
  10. Enjoy the Autobots.

Also, if you want to select a different song, just close the hack file, open it again, and select a different song.New cheat added Osu

  • Relax and only Timewarp cheat.
  • Relaxing state undetected.
  • Timewarp status detected.
  • Run before Osu and press 1 to start


We are not responsible for how this bot is used, it is posted for educational purposes. All credits are given to their respected owners.

Oso! Auto Play Bot Free Download 2022

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