Return to Monkey Island: Hey Wait! Achievement Guide

Return to Monkey Island is the sixth installment of the Monkey Island series. Recently launched, players will continue to enjoy the adventures of Guybrush Threepwood.

In the game, there are hidden achievements that you can unlock to get perks. One such achievement is the Neat Freak achievement, and we’ll show you how to get it.

Brilliant achievement guide in Return to Monkey Island

The Neat Freak achievement in Return to Monkey Island can be obtained in the second part of Dangerous Journey. You can start the mission inside the LeChuck ship after adding the flat skull to the potion.

You also need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Talk to Flambe about voting and favorite food
  • Talk to Putra and talk about Scorched Alaska and its promotion
  • Take the upgrade order from the kitchen and give it to LeChuck

To unlock the achievement, you need to clean up 8 types of mess on the ship.

Clean up the mess on the ship

There are 8 messes you need to clean up on the ship. However, you can only add 5 tamper to the first swab report, so Make sure to save a backup for download and come back to add the other 3.

chaos 1

Be sure to make a mess when adding Flatten Skull to your potion. Squeeze the squeegee next to the box and tap the grease to clean it. Click on the floor.

When you come back here from taking LeChuck’s first swab report, you’ll see a mess again. Drag the report to the floor.

chaos 2

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Outside LeChuck’s cabin, open the backpack and drag the First Swab report to the mice.

Chaos 3

Go to the deck and drag the first swab report to the back of the table.

Chaos 4

Return to the hold, open the backpack, and drag the first swab report into the Greasy slot.

chaos 5

In the comment, drag the first swab report to the chicken feed next to the ladder.

Chaos 6

Click on the hatch to exit and left click to check the rudder. Open the backpack and drag the first swab report into Gullet.

Chaos 7

on the upper surface. On the right side, drag the first swab report into the empty boxes under the tray.

Chaos 8

It remains on the upper deck on the left side. Drag the first swab report to the medication spots on the floor.

Cleaning up all the above clutter unlocks the Neat Freak achievement.