Roblox: How to Get All 6 New Backrooms in Backrooms Morphs

The mechanics of Backroom Morphs are simple. You just have to collect all the shapes in the game. However, the recent update has added 6 new Backrooms Morphs that you can collect. In this guide, I’ll show you how to get all six of them.

How to get all 6 new Backroom Backrooms transformed into Roblox

As mentioned, there are 6 new Backrooms Morphs in the game, and each of them can be collected via different mediums. Let’s take a look at the following:

Entity 7

For Entity 7, you want to teleport to Spawn and then head to the left side of the map. Find the Floppa drawing on the wall, and keep moving forward until you come across a large Floppa. You will then notice a switch on the wall, and it will prompt you to fix it. Interact with the switch to open the door behind you.

Go through the door and follow the path until you come across a huge hole with a sign that says “Don’t jump.” Jump anyway, then go through the tunnels with the arrow sign. After entering the second tunnel, turn left and you will be able to find Entity 7 on the ground.

Minion Off

To get this, you’ll want to head to the Floppa area. Then, after going through the ladder with black liquid on the floor, you should be able to plunder the bananas in the corner.

Fox X

This one is near the Sonic Exe that you can find in the Game Madness area. Simply enter the area, and when you come across a sign asking in which direction, turn right. Then move forward a little and then turn right. You should be able to find a Fox Exe Morph at the end.

Entity 6

For this, you want to head to the pool rooms. Then, inside the pool rooms, you will be able to see a locked door just above the ladder. Simply open that door and let it in, and right inside, you’ll see a closed cup.

To unlock this, simply interact with it and answer the 4-second puzzle. After answering the puzzle, you should be able to get the diversion.

Spider Man

To get this transformation, you have to head to the pool rooms again. Find a hole in the pool rooms and go down until you reach another room. Turn left and then turn left again until you see a net lying on the ground.

All you have to do is interact with this web to get the conversion.

joker 2

For the last back rooms you should go to where the big Floppa is. Go past Floppa and turn right, turn left, and turn right again to see a balloon on the wall. Simply interact with it to pop it, and reveal the figure you can then collect.