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Scrabble Go, from the Scopely team, brings the popular game of Scrabble to your mobile phone. Forget fumbling for missing letters, coffee-stained board, and missing kiosks to hide your messages, playing Scrabble on mobile is the future! A staple in every family home, Scrabble is the best word game ever made, with plenty of challenges around every combination of words. This modern version of the classic board game has a lot of new and exciting features, which you can read about below!


Playing Scrabble on mobile is very easy, and generally the board games work well when you go over the mobile format. Drag and drop controls make it easy to place your letters on the board, and hiding your messages from your opponents is so easy when your phone screen is full! Plus, with Scrabble’s official dictionary built in, you’ll never guess your own words, and you can easily challenge your opponents as they begin to brush up on the complete bullshit. This game also features some new and updated game modes that may revolutionize the Scrabble experience.

Best Features of Scrabble Go

Scrabble is a classic board game, which is well known by many. It looks like this mobile game will bring Scrabble into the 21st century by adding a lot of fun new features on mobile and generally making the game a little easier to play on your phone. Yes, you can play in multiplayer mode against friends and family, or go online to challenge strangers to fun games. Quick competitive modes make it easy to enjoy Scrabble in a mobile-friendly time, which doesn’t take a few hours to play through a full game with friends! Read on to find out the best new features and modes that make Scrabble Go so great.

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This is Classic Scrabble, only on mobile

If you have played Scrabble before, you will immediately realize that the board, letters, and rules are all exactly the same as the board game version. Reinforcement boxes for extra points are located in the same place, letters are weighted with the same values, and Scrabble’s official dictionary makes it easy to check you and your opponents put words. This is the original Scrabble crossword experience, made even easier to play on mobile! It also works well on most Android devices, so why not download it today?

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Classic knit with some modern twists

While you can play the classic game, there are a lot of new features that make it a newer and updated version of the popular board game. You can play with friends online from all over the world, or invite your family to a private session. This works through Facebook, or you can invite friends with an invite code. All you have to do is set them as favorite players and you can easily invite them with a tap of your finger. In-game chatting and emojis make it easy to keep chatting in-game, and you can express your happiness or anger with a cool word from your friend!

New ways to play

There are four exciting new game modes that create a modern Scrabble experience. First, the duels. This mode is a fast-paced game mode with a built-in ranking system of sorts, which pits you against players of the same skill level. Each turn is on a timer, so make sure you turn your brain on before you start! After that, Word Drop. The ever-changing word search game means that your tiles are replaced often, which opens up a lot of new opportunities for different words. Tumbler is a bit like an anagram game, where you have to find the largest number of high-income words from a variety of changing letters. Finally, Rush, a solo Scrabble mode where you work with and against yourself.

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In-game reinforcements

New types of reinforcements have been introduced to bring more to the game. These include hints, which are very helpful! You can also upgrade some tiles to give you extra points, Word Spy which gives you a look at your opponents’ words, and Vortex which changes your tiles in a whirlwind. Different game modes use different tiles, words, and boosts, so you should definitely check them all out when you download Scrabble GO.

In-game leaderboards to test your Scrabble prowess

Have you ever wondered how good you are at Scrabble? Always hide your friends and family, but never had a proper challenge? Global leaderboards and leagues mean you can test your skills against players from all over the world. Arena tournaments allow you to climb up the league leaderboards, and you can get experience points, higher rankings, and earn reward chests (which we’ll talk about below). You will also be able to earn a league frame to show off. your level.


Rewards, personalization and in-app purchases

Like any good mobile game, Scrabble Go rewards you for playing with an array of leaderboards, challenges and of course rewards. These rewards come in the form of chests that are earned by completing games and completing challenges. Inside the chests are rewards that allow you to customize the board, tiles, and player profile. Limited edition tiles are released all the time keeping you chasing those awesome rewards. You can show your Scrabble talent to your friends and family!

Download Scrabble Go APK for Free – Latest Version

Get the best rewards when you download Scrabble Go apk and customize Scrabble tiles and board for free!

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