Simple Scan MOD APK 4.7.5 (Premium Unlocked) for Android

Nowadays, besides standard physical documents, people also need to work on their digital files, which are easy to access, fully functional, and easier to manage. Thus, it is always a good idea to have a scanner, which can easily convert physical files into digital documents. And for those who are interested, you can now enjoy working with the great mobile application Simple Scan from Easy inc, which will allow you to quickly and effectively convert any documents into digital scans.

More importantly, with the app available on your mobile devices and easy to access, you can easily scan targets and have your digital documents available within seconds. Feel free to use it to convert captured or downloaded image files into more usable PDF formats. Or use advanced OCR technology to make these files fully editable. And the list goes on.

Learn more about this great Simple Scan mobile app and all its features with our comprehensive reviews.

What do you do, or what do you do?

Here at Simple Scan, Android users will have a full-featured portable scanner, capable of capturing high-quality images of your documents and converting them into editable and shareable PDFs. Or you can also work on downloaded images and use the app to scan editable text, making documents more accessible to users.

Enjoy working with a variety of different image processing modes, which will allow you to scan and digitize your various files easily and effectively. Take advantage of the great scanning options that will ensure that you can get the best photos for conversion. Enable useful image editing features to crop, improve visual quality, adjust colors, and more. All this will ensure that high-quality scans can be made from the portable scanner.


For those of you who are interested in the awesome Simple Scan mobile app, you can now enjoy the free app from the Google Play Store, which is available for all Android users to download without any issues. But since it’s still a free app, there will be ads and in-app purchases to unlock if you want the full version.

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Also, to ensure that the mobile application can function properly on your Android devices and that all of its features are available, it is important to provide the application with all required access permissions. Meanwhile, Simple Scan will require your system to be running the latest firmware versions, preferably Android 4.4 and above, so you can ensure its compatibility and stability.

Cool Features

Here are all the exciting features that the app offers:

Intuitive and fluid scanner app

First of all, Android users in Simple Scan will have an intuitive and smooth scanner app, which is optimized to run super fast and efficient. Feel free to use it to take pictures and scan them whenever you want. Similar to TapScanner, you only need to perform a few steps to make your PDF files available in Simple Scanner. Smart and useful features allow users to easily work on perfect PDF scans without any problems.

Easily browse scanned documents

With Simple Scan, Android users can easily browse device storages to find all scanned documents, thanks to the intuitive file browser. Enjoy working with the quick search option to easily search for what you want. Take advantage of the available thumbnails, list view, and sorting options to simplify the library.

Automatically back up files to cloud drives or local storages

Here in Simple Scan, Android users will also have the option to backup their files to online drives and make it easier to work with them. Here, a handy mobile app allows you to automatically upload captured or selected JPG and PDF files to cloud storages. Feel free to backup it and restore it when needed. You can also sync files between multiple devices. The app supports all existing cloud services, including Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, and more. Or you can also save and share files via WhatsApp messages and emails.

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Convert PDF files to images

For those of you who need JPG file format for their text documents or images, Simple Scan also allows its users to easily convert their PDF files into images without any issues. Feel free to choose the files that need to be changed and you can convert them easily.

Add and edit tags to quickly search for files

To make it easier to work with organizing your library and different files, you can take advantage of the editable tag options in Simple Scan. Here, simply by adding the appropriate tags to your documents and files, you can easily search for them using the sort later feature. Feel free to customize old tags and add new ones so you can always get the most out of the app.

Activate OCR text recognition

With the available OCR text recognition feature, Simple Scan users can now use the app to convert texts on images into editable digital formats. Thus, it is easier for you to work on editing and modifying your files.

Automatically clean up images to improve PDF conversions

And for those who are interested, you can always enjoy the best scans with Simple Scan, thanks to automatic image optimizations. Here, the app will automatically remove background clutter and trim uneven edges. At the same time, you can also enable high-resolution JPEG images to easily convert them to your PDF files.

Useful image processing modes and editing features to work with

Here in Simple Scan, Android users will have a variety of different image processing modes, which allow them to adjust scanned images and documents manually. Feel free to make changes to the image parameters. Change the contrast levels to enable clearer monochrome text. Set PDF page sizes for different uses, including letter, legal, A4, and more.

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Scan different targets easily

And for those who are interested, you can now easily scan different targets in Simple Scan, which allows users to convert any images into PDF documents. Here, you can work on images with color, grayscale, or a simple black and white setting.

Password protect your documents

When exporting documents, Android users in Simple Scan can always choose to protect their files with passwords, which will allow them to easily enable appropriate security levels for important documents.

Enjoy the offline app whenever you want

Thanks to Simple Scan offline app, you can now make the most of its features whenever you want. Feel free to take photos and scan photos in your office, school, home or anywhere else you are trying to create your PDF files easily.

Enjoy the free and unlocked app with our mod

And for those who are interested in the app but are having trouble dealing with ads and in-app purchases, you can now enjoy the free and unlocked version of Simple Scan on our website instead. Here, we provide an ad-free app with many interesting features for you to work with. All it takes is to download a file Simple Scan Mod APKFollow the instructions provided, and you are good to go.

Final judgments

Here in Simple Scan, Android users will have a full-featured portable scanner tool, which can easily convert any physical documents into digital documents. Thus, making it very easy to work with and more convenient to share. In addition, with the free and unlocked version of the app on our website, you will surely have better reasons to enjoy it.