Slime Rancher 2: How to Unlock Ember Valley| Resource Guide

We’ve always been interested in Ember Valley ever since it was first shown in the official launch video for Slime Rancher 2.

In Slime Rancher 1, you’ll need to get keys for you to unlock areas for you to explore. However, they have made things simple in Slime Rancher 2. No more fetch quests in this quest because all you have to do is feed a certain slime.

In this guide, we will show you how to unlock Ember Valley and the potential resources that you can find there in Slime Rancher 2.

Guide on how to unlock Ember Valley and its resources in Slime Rancher 2

Ember Valley can be reached in rainbow fields. To do this, you will have to feed Gordo slime who will be sitting on a geyser. You’ll have to stand on top of it for the water to push you up where you need to open the rainbow teleporter to Ember Valley.

Open Resource Harvester

The first thing to do before exploring Ember Valley is to make sure you unlock the resource harvester from your conservatory. The main thing we are going to do in Ember Valley is harvest resources, so it’s best to unlock this first.

Feed Gordo slime

Get out of the conservatory and travel to the rainbow fields. You have to search for Gordo slime in the fields and feed him until he pops up. You’ll need the heater he’s standing on to get to the teleporter just above you.

Push yourself from the water heater

Stand over the heater and wait for it to launch you into the air. Once you are in mid-air, go to the slopes above. Find and activate the teleporter.

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Open Ember Valley

Unlocking the teleporter will give you access to Ember Valley. It is located right in front of the teleporter as it opens up the area with flashing rainbow colors. Head towards the entrance to begin your explorations.

Things to look for in Ember Valley

Ember Valley is where you will encounter the new Angler Slimes. You can also find rock slides along with some of the usual types of slides you’ve encountered in Rainbow Valley.

Collect beets in the shape of a heart

This is also where you can find Heart Beets, so be sure to harvest them when you see them spread in the area.

Mine rocks for radioactive ore

Looking for rocks to mine radioactive ore. This will be one of the resources you get for cultivation in Ember Valley.

Explore the muddy geysers of Silky Sand

Watch out for the muddy geysers of silk sand mining.

Explore caves in search of strange diamond drops

Explore the depths of the caves in the valley to mine exotic diamonds. There will be many hard-to-reach places, so be sure to use the geysers to get off difficult areas to get to and get to the resources.

Check Primordy Oil Streams

Finally, there are a few sites where you can extract the primeval oil. It looks a lot like fine sand but falls into streams, so be sure to look for it as well.

These are all the resources you should look for in Ember Valley. Exploring the area and prospecting for resources should keep you happy for at least a few hours.

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