Slime Rancher 2: New Angler and Rock Slime Locations

The bosses in Slime Rancher 2 aren’t the big, scary, and deadly monsters you often encounter inside other games. But the bosses in this game are cute, harmless, persistent, and yes… they’re big too.

This giant slime is called Gordo slimes. These Gordo Slimes were created after a large community of slimes of the same type combined. There is no need to fight them to defeat them – violence is not an option in this game. All you have to do is feed them plenty of foods of the same type until they explode in normal sizes of slime. Every Gordo Slime differs in nutritional needs and the number of food before it explodes.

Since there are several types of slime, there are also different islands in Slime Rancher 2. And for each island, there are certain types of slime inhabiting it.

To learn more about the locations of each Gordo Slime, we have prepared this guide for you.

All boss locations in Slime Rancher 2

As mentioned earlier, many Gordo Slimes can be found on different islands. However, Slime Rancher 2 is just a newly released game, so the number of current Gordo Slimes is still few. Having said that, the sites that will be covered in this guide are only for existing Gordo Slimes only.

Once the game progresses and a new update is released, expect additional locations for this giant slime.

rainbow island

Source: Gamepur

On this first island, you can actually spot three different types of Gordo Slimes. You can actually consider it the jackpot if you are on a Gordo Slime hunting trip.

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For the first area in this map, you can see a file phosphorous gordo. It is a large sky blue Gordo with four horns. You can go here by heading to the west side of your house. Keep walking next to the rock wall until you reach the end of the cliff. Drop yourself there and you will see a cave. Explore the area and you will see Phosphor Gordo.

In the second location where there is a file cotton gordo Lives. It is a light yellow Gordo with two pairs of whiskers and rabbit-like ears. To go to its location, go to the hills south of the Central Plain. Keep walking and follow a curved path. If you keep walking, you will end up meeting this beautiful Cotton Gordo.

While the third location is where you can find a file Pink Gordo. As its name suggests, this is a giant pink bubble with no ears, horns, or whiskers – just a simple dot that smiles happily. From the Cotton Gordo location, travel north and be sure to avoid Tar Slimes. Basically, just keep walking north until you see this pink, happy bubble of slime.

Starlight Strand

In this map area, there is only one Gordo Slime that you can meet and that is Hunter Gordo. To go here, teleport to this island and travel south.

Keep walking by the edge of the western cliff until you see bundles of monstrous blue slime. When you see this, all you have to do is get past them and there, you will eventually meet the hunter Gordo.

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Ember Valley

Just like in the Starlight Strand, there is also one Gordo Slime that you can meet here, and that will be it Patty Gordo. This giant slime is located in the center of the island.

There, you’ll come across a cave headed into a volcanic chamber. When you enter this cave, you will see slime boom, crystal, and of course lava. Be careful as you walk indoors as you can take damage from them. Keep walking until you reach the bottom of the cave, and there you will meet Batty Gordo.