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In the past, we used to listen to music through vinyl tapes, tapes, and CDs. But now, everything is digital and so is the music. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve definitely heard of it spotify. This is the largest music streaming platform in the world and currently has more than 100 million users worldwide.

Spotify Lite MOD APK

But the only problem with Spotify is that the more and more music you listen to, the more space you need on your phone becomes. This is the dilemma that many people face. If you are one of those people – get to know Spotify Lite. This is just like Facebook lite which is the lightest and fastest version of the app. In this article, we’ll talk about everything! Read on!

What is Spotify Lite?

If you didn’t know, Spotify allows you to listen to your favorite music anytime and anywhere. It’s a streaming platform with over 30 million tracks! Think of this app as the Netflix equivalent but for music.

But the only problem with Spotify is that it can get quite heavy. This app is not really suitable for devices with low specs and low storage space. Spotify knows this so they came up with a solution – Spotify Lite. This faster and lighter version of Spotify allows you to enjoy the same music but with some limitations in place. However, almost everything you need is in this app as it does not take up as much space as the original Spotify app.

Download Spotify Lite for Android

Spotify Lite has a small size of only 15MB compared to the 100MB required storage of the original memory. But since it has been improved, some features have been removed. For some who just want to listen to music, this is not a problem. But for those who are looking to try out all of Spotify’s features, you might be better off with the original app.

Spotify Lite has over 5 million downloads as of this writing in the Google Play Store alone! This proves to you how popular this streaming platform is even if this is not the main app! And to learn more about it, read below!

Spotify Lite Features

Although Spotify Lite is the simpler version of the original, it is not lacking in the features section. It still boasts a wide range of features that can compete with even the best streaming platforms like Apple Music. Here are the features of Spotify Lite:

lightweight size – Perhaps the main feature that most users are looking for is the fact that the size of this application does not exceed 15 megabytes. This allows you to experience streaming your favorite music without worrying about filling up your device storage space! Compared to the original version which required 100MB of storage, this app is smaller and faster. Even if you have a phone with high-tech specs, you will notice the difference in this lightweight version. This is noticeably faster and easier to use overall.

spotify lite apk latest version

Providing mobile data Apart from the small storage space, Spotify Lite also allows you to save mobile data while streaming. This feature is required by many people and it will definitely come in handy. Spotify Lite does an excellent job of optimizing your data usage so you can save a lot of money! In addition to that, you will also have a monthly mobile data monitor that allows you to set your monthly data limit! The options are 250MB, 500MB, 750MB, 1GB, 2GB, and 3GB. This handy tool will send you a reminder when you reach your month limit. This is very useful for those who want to watch their data usage so they don’t overspend.

quick connections – When you use the original Spotify app, you will be annoyed when your songs start buffering, right? With Spotify Lite, this is no longer an issue. Even if you have a weak Wifi signal, your music listening experience will not be affected because Spotify Lite handles connections at lightning speed! In addition, Spotify Lite allows you to change the sound quality while listening to music! There are 4 options to choose from: Basic, Normal, High and Extra High. Overall, the connection speed will allow you to listen virtually any music without worrying about internet connection speeds!

Spotify Lite apk - Free Download

explore – As with the original app, Spotify Lite has a feature that recognizes your musical preferences to automatically suggest some new songs you might like. This is the feature that many Spotify users love. You are fortunate to see this feature even in Spotify Lite when everything is optimized to allow for a faster, lightweight experience. This is a useful feature because this is how you discover new music that you would not otherwise have known! This is how YouTube and many other platforms like Netflix work. Overall, this is a very cool feature that will definitely help a lot of people.

Create playlists When you want to listen only to your favorite songs, you create playlists. This feature is available in the original Spotify app and is here too! Create many playlists of different genres and you can even download them to share with your friends! This allows you to have the best music streaming experience ever!

Spotify-lite-apk- New Update

simpler interface – Since Spotify Lite’s premise is to offer a much faster and simpler experience, the interface is noticeably cleaner. This is because most of the features of the original app such as the option to listen to music offline are not present. This cleaner interface is what separates this app from other apps as it provides a cleaner way to stream music. And because most of the features are gone, you’ll focus more on listening to your music! No more distractions. But if you are a user who loves all the features of the original Spotify app, this can be a drawback.

Spotify Lite mod APK – Unlocked + Unlimited Shuffle

Do you want to listen to the latest music but don’t want to pay anything? Simply download the premium version and you are ready to go!

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