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Download Street Chaser APK – Runner Game

Runner games have been played quite often, the most popular ones are Temple Run and Subway Surfer. It’s a quick and easy way to have fun on your phone that includes lots of running and dribbling.

Street Chaser adds a lot of twists to it like the trait that goes after the thief who got your friend’s item.

Swipe through cover as you encounter many obstacles at the same time such as crates, barriers and narrow roads. Apart from the endless running mode, there are many modes that you can enjoy here as well.

This is a game that will test your reflexes but still offers addictive gameplay. Collect extra power on the way and various items that can help you catch the bad guy. Can you beat the gang members?

An in-depth study of Street Stalker

Some of the most popular Android games are also the simplest. Running games are a no brainer, but they top the charts every time. It has a lot to do with the addictive gameplay which is the endless side of it.

Instead of Subway Surfers, why not try Street Chaser? The game is unique and takes place in a suburban city where your friend’s briefcase has been captured by a gang of thieves.

Street stalker apk latest version

Become a hero by running and trying to catch the thief. But after the thief is caught, another gang member will continue.

Infinite mode offers a lot of fun as you will pass through more difficult paths just to catch the thief. Fortunately, there are reinforcements on the way, but the challenge will be even more difficult.

Entertaining media

Chase mode is the infinite mode which is the main mode in the game. This is where you will spend most of your time playing. The goal is to hunt down the gang member who stole your friend. It involves a lot of running in various routes filled with different coins, power-ups, and even obstacles.

When you catch a thief, the item will be picked up by another thief and so on. The game does not end, and you can score a high score every time you play this mode.

Street stalker apk free download

Mission mode is where you can complete different objectives. There are various missions available such as item combinations, kick balls, throw bottles, chase runner, word search, collect and return coins.

There is also a multiplayer mode where you can fight against real people. The game can handle up to 8 players at a time. Compete to see who can come first as there are also obstacles on the way.

Unlock dozens of heroes

If there are thieves, there are also heroes. Players are going to play the hero. There are many heroes in the game with different stats in terms of stamina and strength. The heroes are:

  • mercurial
  • More stamina
  • talented
  • Buster Thief
  • classic
  • Athlete
  • robo chaser
  • a hero
  • special one

Each hero has his own theme for example, Special One is a character who wears a yellow tuxedo with shades. Unlocking each character requires gold coins that you can get by playing different modes.

Collect powerups on the way

In the game, you can collect the scattered coins as well as a bunch of other things. There are also power-ups like soccer balls, slippers, magnets, bottles, and more. The items provide you a temporary benefit against the thief. There is also a medical kit along the way that will restore some of your health.

street stalker apk android

But obstructions will also slow you down and can affect your health. You should avoid them as much as you can. There are holes in the roads, bombs, radioactive barrels, and a bunch of mayhem on the streets.

Realistic 3D graphics

Street Chaser has excellent 3D graphics to offer the best experience. The game is playable in many devices as it does not tax your phone. It’s 3D but the controls are as easy as can be.

Basically, you can just swipe the screen depending on where you want to go. You can also swipe up and down to avoid obstacles. Your hero will automatically turn on and use powerups as needed.

Practical tips to finish the game

It is not easy to catch thieves especially if they are a gang! Fortunately, we’ve come up with some countermeasures to help you catch up with them.

Street stalker apk download
  • Pick up power ups all the time
  • Take advantage of Luckywheel courses where you can get more lives, money and keys
  • Compete with friends to make things fun
  • Prioritize getting coins so you can unlock stronger heroes
  • Always look in front of you when running
  • Use your dominant hand when playing

Download Street Chaser Mod APK – Latest Version

In Street Chaser, you will help your friend catch the thief. Dodge obstacles, collect powerups and unlock heroes!

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