TerraGenesis Mod APK 6.27 (Unlimited genesis points) free Download

Quick Introduction

Hello traveler, to Terragenesis – the grand colony building strategy game for anyone and everyone. Select a world, colonize the planet/moon and get a fully formed rock that sustains life.


Let’s start colonization in Terregenesis

Here are the characteristics of each planet (or moon) to consider. Without this information, you would never be able to create a world full of life. Check them out:

  • temperature (mK)
  • pressure
  • oxygen levels
  • sea ​​level
  • perfect sea level
  • Height range
  • Number of moons (if a planet)

Once you get used to your new home, you can start building. You can see your research, colonies, culture, biosphere and satellite.

You can also choose a faction to undergo the attributes of life in your new home. Will you pursue a quick and fair democracy, or will you move to something more communist?

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You don’t just have to choose your new home to colonize. In addition to the planets/moons, you will need to select a faction to colonize the world. With factions, you get a certain amount of benefits (depending on the faction).

Make sure to choose wisely. Each faction has its own policies and way of living that affect the growth of the colony.

The options are as follows:

  • United Nations Space Administration: This is a group of survivors from Earth. They value knowledge and are proud of their democracy. With UNSA, you are gifted with a discounted Lagrange Academy crib.
  • Horizon Company: Here, we’ve got a bunch of impatient spaceflight experts. Horizon Corp values ​​the wealth, plutocracy, and autocracy of all its members. With this faction, you will get a reduced cost of the Orbital Surveyor.
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  • Sons of Hephaestus: Here are the most conservative groups. With an industrial economy and a yearning to prevent the planet from becoming “polluted,” the sons of Hephaestus ruled. This highly preserved faction grants the Sky Farm a reduced cost.
  • Jaya girls: Lost, but not least – Gaia’s daughters are the most ecological of the species. This collection was founded by Deirdre McCloud with a clear goal in mind – a fresh remodel in your dream garden paradise. Moreover, along with Gaya Girls, you are given the advantage of the reduced cost of Solita.

Now that you know the faction, which one would you choose? Each world needs a specific faction to help it advance and grow faster. Remember, choose wisely.


First, you’ll want to grow your colony. Then add yourself some water, and so on. Terra Genesis is a highly oriented strategy. As your colony thrives, you will continue to lose credits. Manage your money and resources to the best of your abilities.

Music and graphics

Let’s start with the bad. Unfortunately, the music is not there. Terragenesis for Android is a surprisingly quiet game. You will want to play this game with your favorite music playing in the background.

Fortunately, the graphics are amazing. The entire game is presented in 3D, so there are some highlights to watch. Play and check out hyper-realistic planets and moons.


In addition to this, the latest Terragenesis Mod Apk is also available to offer a lot of features. Take a look at what you can do to make building your world a lot easier:

Terragenesis Mod APK – Latest Version

With the modified version of the game, you will get the following features:

So, don’t waste any more time. Your citizens are in dire need of a new colonial homeland. It’s time to start.