The DioField Chronicle: Class & Ability Guide

All four different classes in The DioField Chronicle contain a unique set of shows for your party, with specific abilities and skills that can be leveled up to improve your odds against opponent units. We’ll go through the main differences and the best way to build your team.

There is a lot to explore in terms of depth with the DioField Chronicle’s stratigraphic system and capabilities.

The four basic character classes offer upgradable abilities, weapons, and skills – all of which can determine how effective your team is at dealing with opponents firing stun arrows or swinging an axe.

The dynamics of the four different character classes can be a bit confusing for players who are new to or those completely foreign to Fire Emblem-style strategy RPGs, so we have a class and ability guide for all the beginners in the DioField Chronicle.

A guide to classes and abilities in The DioField Chronicle

The four playable classes consist of: Magickers, Sharpshooters, Soldiers, and Cavaliers.

magickers They are spell and skill casters that can deal long-range damage against enemy units, while serving as the team’s primary healers. They rely heavily on EP.

snipers They are high damage distance units, and generally use status effects that slow down or completely suppress the enemy’s movement. They provide long-range damage and rely primarily on attack.

Soldiers It’s probably the most generic of character classes and serves as a “tank” module. Again, the primary focus in this category is attack enhancement. Their status effects are based on provoking enemies to focus only on them while protecting allies with a polished defense.

Cavaliers An agile unit that relies heavily on traversing the battlefield quickly while fulfilling the role of the attacker in your group. It works as a balanced and integrated unit. They are best for controlling larger groups of opponents.


The optimal skills for each class depend on the type of weapon they use, as well as your own playing style. Below we have identified some optimal skill sets for each corresponding category.

  • Magicair (crew): safe haven – Constantly restores HP to allies/party members within the Restorative Zone. Skill upgrades can help you increase your restorative zone radius, along with decreasing your cooldown time. This skill can help enhance the Magicker’s usefulness as a Wizard within the Party.
  • Magicair (stick): Heal – Heal – Restores 50% of the target’s HP. This has a very low cost-benefit ratio in terms of EP cost, with a rapid deceleration. Increasing skill towards healing can allow you to recover more HP and reduce your cooldown time frame.
  • Sniper (bow): chair trap – Sets up trip wire trap for enemy units. Any enemy that comes into contact with the wire will take increased damage counting the descending cooldown. Damage increases and cooldown reduction with skill upgrades make this worth it for the lowest EP cost.
  • ejector (fire): chain shot – Sends shots across multiple enemies, simultaneously inflicting a “weakness” increase with high damage output across countless enemies. With skill upgrades, you can also reduce your EP cost.
  • Faris (Lance): full frontal attack It takes you to a certain point, while inflicting increased damage to enemies on the path there. This skill can help you reposition with great mobility, and delivers a great deal of damage at a very low cost.
  • Knight (claws): storm wings – Inflicts damage on enemies within the specified target area. This is great for crowd control purposes for larger groups of enemies.
  • Soldier (DAGGER): Assassination – Deals increased damage to the enemy. Don’t slow down if the blow is a final blow. This has an exceptionally low EP cost to start with, which can be further reduced with skill upgrades, while also doing quite a bit of damage (on Ambush in particular).
  • Soldier (sword and shield): Roundhouse Slash – The ultimate tank skill to invest in. Deals damage to any hostile units within the target area, while also automatically applying a “Provoke” buff. This helps draw attention to the soldier as a tank unit, and the damage dealt can be greatly increased with skill customization.


On the other hand, abilities can be upgraded with AP (Ability Points) which are used to learn new abilities specific to each character. You can access Abilities by clicking on the icon under the corresponding character’s photo on the Equipment screen. You can then switch between the different ability screens for all members within your unit.

AP (Ability Points) are assigned the higher the character’s level. This AP is for this character, and cannot be shared with other party members.

We have put together a guide for some of the best ability customizations for each of the characters in the game:

  • and configuration: Boost skill damage And the Aggressive recovery EP They are two core capabilities that you’ll want to customize your AP for ASAP. After selecting Aggressive EP Recovery, you can then unlock the lock Enhanced EP And the stop EP; These are crucial given Waltaquin’s role in the party as a unit that needed a significant amount of EP to properly support the team through casting and HP recovery.
  • escarion: You’ll eventually want to save to Critical damage boost. Before that, aim to use AP towards Automatic Attack Boost More damage, considering Iscarion’s role as an abusive party. This boost will help with other combat skills or physical damage as well. Damage is necessary in the early stages of the game, so you will also need to allocate an AP to it Critical price promotion And the Luck boost.
  • Isler: Your party’s “tank” (potentially). rude health And the Boost defense for automatic attack Both are great options to help counter waves of enemy units by strengthening their defenses.
  • Andreas: Attack speed and attack as the primary DPS in your deck, are important factors for Andreas as a character. perseverance It is Andrias’ ultimate ability, he can help get hits faster, even when slowing down.
  • Frederet: As an incredibly agile and mobile party, but with minimal HP to protect himself, AP invested in him HP Boost And the physical protection It is a good way to keep him alive. Physical protection as a negative reinforcer can help relieve some of the anxiety about treating HP and shift the focus entirely to DPS.
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