The DioField Chronicle: How to Unlock Unique Weapons in Shop

Horace Threat is one of the many quests you can do and complete in The DioField Chronicle. The objective of this quest is to eliminate all the enemies and take over their bases. However, as you reach the end, you will encounter two gigs.

Basically, if you want to complete the mission, you have to beat this duo. This guide will show you how to do that.

How to defeat Horace’s threat in The DioField Chronicle

Before you begin, keep in mind that Gigas will have two lives. This means that you have to defeat all of them twice. Once their first health bar is exhausted, they will then cause a shock wave which then signals the second stage.

As such, you want to keep your party away from them after their first health is exhausted. This way, you can avoid getting damaged and be in the highest health possible for the upcoming fight.

Now, there can be several strategies that you can use to defeat the boss of this duo. But the most effective is to draw them towards the bridge. This way, you can create a choke point that will then allow you to spam your abilities and inflict continual damage on them.

There are also barrel bombs lying on the ground. You can blow it up to do a little damage in a small area.

It’s also a good idea to keep spamming your Shield Wall so you can keep the aggression while the rest of the team either does damage or recover. I highly recommend this as it will greatly increase the likelihood of your party’s survival.

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During the fight, you will notice that the Gigas will start to charge their abilities. You can easily notice this by the animation in which they draw their weapons. Fortunately, you can interrupt this ability with your Shield Bash.

This boss isn’t really that hard, but it does take a while to beat.