The Game of Life 2 MOD APK v0.3.5 (Unlocked) for Android

In 2016, Marmalade Game Studio developed and released the board game The Game of Life, which was a very successful digital version with more than 1.6 million installs. After the success of the previous version, this game company continues to release the sequel called life game 2. With the new version, you may be familiar with its gameplay, but it still brings you complete freshness along with more complex life paths. Besides, the game requires you to apply your knowledge and happiness to win the game apart from wealth only. These features are an exciting addition that reflects the way people live their lives nowadays. So, is the new version as good as the first? Why is it popular? Let’s join the next section to learn more about The Game of Life 2 now!


The gameplay in The Game of Life 2 is relatively straightforward and similar to the original board game. Basically, you will roll to move and accept fate with each roll or take an action. Before starting the game, each player has to choose his/her character and the game and then choose a random person to move first. In the game, you start by graduating from university, and it’s like a billionaire’s chess game. However, the development of your character will be directly affected by the rotating element. There are cells marked from 1 to 10 in the rotation. When you order in a particular square, you must move your character precisely with the number you see in that square. After that, the playing process continues depending on the number that you and the other players roll. The winner is the one with the most money in the game. You might think that the game seems simple when you first hear the gameplay. But, to win the game, you have to spend some time making reasonable decisions every time it’s your turn. Game of Life 2 2 screen

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Game of Life 2 features


  • category: board
  • Developer: Marmalade Game Studio
  • current version: 0.3.5
  • chest: July 15, 2020
  • updated: August 9, 2020
  • size: 130 MB

New rules for spinners

The turntable seems to become more versatile after adding it to several small bases. The turntable is usually used to determine the steps players can take forward. However, in this version, the spinner has some exciting additional functions. To be more specific, you will be given a number that attaches a star to the spinner. Therefore, when your friends return to the chest, they have to pay you cash as a fee to continue. Additionally, at some stages, you can use the spinner with your components. In general, this is where you get the benefits, but the rewards you achieve also depend on luck.

Different ways to play

The game also offers a highly anticipated and unique multiplayer mode. In particular, there are four main ways to play, including online multiplayer, pass and play, multiplayer with friends, or pass and play. When you join the online mode, you will be paired up with some other players and play completely new ways. Do you dare to participate in matches and against other online components in The Game of Life 2? Game of Life 2 5 . screen

More variety of options

Compared to the previous version, The Game of Life 2 has improved even more by integrating the features of both versions. In the first version, players cannot choose to become vloggers. But now, they have the time to create videos and then share them with a lot of audiences. To become a vlogger, the character you choose must possess a few basic elements. Besides, becoming a lawyer is also a good option for those who do not want to become bloggers. Players can customize their characters in some new ways as well. For example, along with a lot of clothing options, the game developer is adding some binding colors. Through it, players can create characters that make them feel like their real characters.

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  • There are two wonderful worlds, the classic eco-city and the fantasy kingdom.
  • Pass and Play mode allows players to play the game without internet.
  • Online multiplayer allows you to invite family members, friends or even connect with people from all over the world to participate in a private game.
  • This game is ad-free, which means that players do not need to watch flashy ads, and the game provides a safe environment for children.


The graphics is another advantage of this game as it gives the players a feeling of modernity when they first experience it. The animation elements are colorful, and you can see that the publisher pays attention to every detail in the game. This is why you can see so many angles in your personality when he does actions. With this kind of design, players will have a realistic feeling that they are going through a stage in their life. From this point on, players may want to spend more time on this game. Game of Life 2 3 شاشة screen

Frequently Asked Questions About The Game of Life 2

How do I install The Game of Life 2?

If you have already downloaded it from Google Play, you must uninstall it. Next, you choose Settings, then Security, Unknown sources. Here, you can enable installation rights by selecting “Select Enable”. Now, you have to download the mod version of The Game of Life 2 successfully. Finally, you can usually install the app and enjoy it after you have finished installing it.

How to play The Game of Life 2?

To control the game well, you must know how to play it. First of all, you can create your own peg by customizing and formatting it. Then, you will choose your character’s life path, such as how you will live your life. There are a lot of different opportunities in the game that determine the life you choose to live. Then you choose between money and happiness. Will you live a rich and luxurious life or a happy life? Finally, you may want to earn as many rewards as possible to unlock new items for your character. The rewards depend on the goals you achieve, but you definitely earn a bunch of items for your hook. Game of Life 2 4 . screen

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Is The Game of Life 2 all about fortune?

No, the game is about knowledge, wealth and happiness. It’s not just about making money. You can achieve happiness by owning pets, getting married, traveling, having children, organizing parties, etc. To gain knowledge, you can go to college, acquire new skills, or learn a new language. Ultimately, wealth is obtained when you buy a home, or invest your money in furniture, accessories, or new technology. Note that you can unlock Marriage and Back to School features after passing the main paths.


Overall, the rule life game 2 It doesn’t change much, which saves players time when they start getting used to it. However, it has been integrated and improved with a wide range of new features. The upgraded activities, identities, and professions are playable for everyone, even kids. So, whether you are playing the game with friends or alone, this engaging game still fills you with nostalgia. We hope you will have a wonderful and relaxing experience when you immerse yourself in the game.