The Greedy Cave MOD APK 4.0.14 (Unlimited Money) for Android

You are an adventurous person, a curious person, and you love to discover the mysterious things around you, or you want to become a strong and brave warrior.

Imagine if one day you got lost in a deserted, remote and barren land with many mysterious caves, all around you could hear the sounds of monsters snoring and screaming as if they wanted to swallow what you see, and the cold wind blowing on you to make you shiver….

So, what should you do next?

Of course it is impossible to die in such a terrifying wilderness, but you have to stand up to fight, destroying monsters in every cave to live back to your homeland, right? And to overcome this, to transform your dream of becoming a powerful and wonderful warrior, greedy cave It will help you achieve your dream.

Scenes about the game

Greedy Cave begins in a remote kingdom in the north, Lucifer, where so little is known and a place so much forgotten. It is a wild and barren land, people lived in extreme misery and had to exploit lords in the southern region. That is, the adventurers stopped here overnight but did not return for long.

Until one day, the explorer got lost and stumbled into a hole. The story will probably end when he doesn’t return. But he came back and brought with him a bag of gold and sparkling treasure.

Information about the unexpected wealth and fortune of the explorer quickly spread from north to south and across the kingdom. This thing is to secure the curiosity of many other explorers around the world and end their journey towards Earth to conquer and explore, and in a very short time, a bustling city has appeared in this forgotten place. Smart merchants did not miss this opportunity, and they built taverns and shops near the cave, selling equipment and potions to ardent adventurers.

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At the same time as the explorers were excavating the caves, mysteries kept pouring out of the cave, yet no one knew where the source of the secrets lay. The later explorers are weak and limited than the earlier explorers and they are starting to have dark thoughts and this place becomes a pool of doubt, greed and danger.

Mission and rule

The player’s task in The Greedy Cave is to play the role of an explorer, a warrior who enters each cave according to each level, to defeat the monsters, players must use smart skills and attitudes. Your cool way to conquer monsters, collect rewards, decipher surrounding puzzles and progress step by step to the next cave.

Graphics – Sound

The game has unique paper cut graphics with amazing gameplay, diverse weapon system to fight, and varied sounds.

Players can play The Greedy Cave on Android and iOS and can download the game for free on the Google Play app.

Game features:

  • Randomly generated cave levels provide different experiences each time.
  • Hundreds of monsters are full of mystery to defeat.
  • Hundreds of bonuses and equipment to collect.
  • Hundreds of missions and achievements to conquer and experience.
  • Upgrade, repair, upgrade, reward and many more richer features to explore.

We hope that The Greed Cave will bring many great and enjoyable experiences for players, as well as attract more players to join.

what are you waiting for? Please download the game and role-play!