The Wild Kingdom APK 0.9.21 Download for Android

Wolf: The Wild Kingdom APK brings a wild environment with many challenges waiting for you to explore. As a leading wolf living in the wilderness, you need to find ways to survive and prove your strength. Intense challenges await you, download this game to find out what is best.

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Introduction about Wolf: The Wild Kingdom

Wolf: The Wild Kingdom – a strategy game inspired by the lives of wolves

The journey to become a brave pack leader will be fully demonstrated through the content available in Wolf Game: The Wild Kingdom. This is a strategy game from publisher Special Gamez that is ready to take you to a beautiful wilderness environment.

Wolf Game: Wild Kingdom

This place always hides a lot of dangerous enemies, they are ready to attack the wolf at any time so that your journey ends as soon as possible. Believe me, the greater the challenge, the greater the chance to prove yourself. This is the time to show your wits to become a powerful wolf leader.

Make a strong team of wolves

Remember that soi is one of the animals that works in groups, so you won’t be alone on your journey to conquer the wilderness. Your first task in Wolf Game: The Wild Kingdom is to create an army of wolves with unique fighting abilities. You need to read their information carefully to create a balanced team and prepare to face any enemy in front of you. There are several types of wolves such as the great gray wolf, the mysterious black wolf, the beautiful arctic wolf, and more.

fight in the wilderness

As mentioned, there are many different dangers in the wild that affect your safety. Therefore, fighting in Wolf Game: The Wild Kingdom is indispensable to assert your strength. This game offers real-time matches, accompanied by many different situations. For example, you can raid the enemy’s lair to strike back, protect an ally under attack, and many other situations. Also, keep in mind that the different types of terrain in this game will affect your combat.

Explore new lands

Download the wolf game The Wild Kingdom mod

The wild world in Wolf Game: The Wild Kingdom is described very carefully through different lands. There are many places that you can explore freely in this game, each with completely different animals and plants. This means that you need to use your knowledge to help your character find the safest hunting and hiding places. Besides, some items and treasures will also be found if you work hard enough.

Breed protection and maintenance

After your generation, wolves need stronger wolves to lead the way against threats to wild habitats. This is the time when you need to think about maintaining the breed and training the young wolves in the herd to fight so that they can defend themselves against other enemies. In addition, this game also allows players to build defensive walls to protect their hideout from enemy attacks.

Great graphics and sound

Download the wolf game The Wild Kingdom apk

The high-quality 3D graphics make Wolf: The Wild Kingdom more attractive than ever. Here, you will discover vibrant terrain forms, from mountains and rivers to beautiful plains. They are all designed with the utmost care, promising to bring you the most realistic feeling when you try them on. Moreover, the day/night system and weather effects will also contribute to a more impressive experience for the players. The sound system is also well rounded with many sounds inspired by the natural world.

How to install Wolf: The Wild Kingdom

Step 1: Download the APK version of Wolf Game: The Wild Kingdom from

Step 2: On your Android device, unlock the Unknown Sources.

Step 3: Start installing Wolf Game: The Wild

Step 4: The installation process will be done in 1 minute. Click the game icon to try it out immediately after a successful installation.

Questions and answers about Wolf: The Wild Kingdom

1: Can I play Wolf Game: The Wild Kingdom now?

According to the information we received, Wolf Game: The Wild Kingdom has been released with pre-registration. This means that you will not be able to try the game through Google Play yet, but you can download the APK on our website to play the game right away.

2: Is this game completely free?

Wolf: The Wild Kingdom allows you to download and try it for free. However, some in-game items require you to pay to unlock if you want to help your wolf become stronger.

3: Can I try this game steadily on low-end devices?

Despite bringing high quality graphics, this game can still run smoothly on devices with mid-range configurations.

Download Wolf Game: The Wild Kingdom APK For Android

Wolf: The Wild Kingdom will help you better understand the wild world from the perspective of a wolf leader. Of course, you will face a lot of dangers and gradually develop your character and your wolves to become stronger. If you are a fan of the natural environment but have not had the opportunity to explore it, then this will be the right choice for you.

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