Tiny Rails MOD APK 2.10.13 (Unlimited Money) for Android

Railroads always provide many opportunities for many people. If you ever inherited your grandfather’s humble single-engine rail company, what would you do? There is a game that makes that a reality. This is it small bars. Tiny Rails will turn you into the president of the railroad company. This is your grandfather’s company. Now, let’s learn how to run a company.

Opportunity to travel around the world

Tiny Rails is one of the best games created and presented by Tiny Titan Studios. They are a game developer and publisher based in London, Ontario, Canada that was established in 2014. The game can be played on many platforms such as macOS, Android, and Microsoft Windows. Tiny Rails is available on Google Play, App Store, and Steam. But with Steam, the player will have to use a small amount of money to install Tiny Rails. The game is for a simple player and can be played offline.

Tiny Rails 4 . screen

Besides, your train will pass through many different destinations. From beautiful sites to famous landmarks. For example, Statue of Liberty in New York, Abuja National Mosque in Nigeria, Adelaide Arcade in South Australia, Arch of Marcus Aurelius in Libya, Big Ben in UK, etc. So you can travel across the world. In addition, the view around your train is very beautiful. You can also look at the mountains with many trees, the low hills, the city with tall buildings, the fields of yellow corn or even the starry night sky. Tiny Rails also allows the player to take pictures at the destinations you have passed. This is a special feature of the game.

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Moreover, the graphic is colorful and the sound is very vivid. They make the game more lively. The player can hear the train whistles when the train pulls to the station. The noise of a helicopter hovering overhead. The sound of the train running. And the cheerful soundtrack will always sound during the game. But you can still turn off the game sound. Especially, the weather and season system will give you many realistic experiences. If you go somewhere in the winter, there will be snow. Sometime it will rain. Plus, if you watch the train in motion for a while, you can see the full cycle of day and night, from the sunrise to the sinking moon. In the evening, the train and buildings are lit with electricity like real life. Let’s explore them.

Tiny Rails 1 . screen

Start running and developing your company

In Tiny Rails, your grandfather is no longer young. You will join him in his small train company. Your grandfather will take a rest. Now you will run the company. Your main task is still to make a lot of money. To earn money, players need to transport passengers. Passengers will pay their fares upon arrival. In the game, you can also see the list of passengers. Thanks to it, you will know the destinations of the passengers. You also need to pay attention to what your passengers say in reviews to get some hints about making their flights more enjoyable. Let’s click on the user icon to look at the information and reviews. All the gold coins you have earned will be stored in the Gold Vault. This gold store can hold many coins. So collect gold coins regularly. To collect them, just touch Nightmare Train.

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In addition to that, you also have to develop the company further and further. Let’s start using gold coins to upgrade the train. There are 6 items in the train that need to be upgraded. Those are speed, cargo, weight, passengers, cars, vault. The faster the train, the faster the passengers go to the station. This will satisfy many passengers and will also bring you a lot of rewards. Besides, your train needs more cars and will have to accommodate many passengers. They are the necessary items to upgrade the train. Click the button with the hammer image and choose the items you want to upgrade for the train. The upgrades will take some time to finish but you can speed them up by pushing gems. You can collect gems in the rewards given to you by the passengers.

Tiny Rails 2 . screen

Unique and beautiful trains and languages

In Tiny Rails, the player can easily create unique and beautiful trains. The game provided hundreds of train sets for players. Each group has its own unique characteristics. Use gems to get awesome train cars. On your train, food and recreational vehicles can generate more gold as we travel. If you have the new car, you need to drag and drop it anywhere between the engine and the cabin to add the car to your train. In the Train Editor section, you can view your car collection and customize your train to suit your own style. Let’s collect new train cars and build trains by yourself.

In addition, the publisher has introduced 10 languages ​​for players. Those languages ​​are English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Korean and Portuguese. They will help a lot of players to better understand the missions. You can also learn some words from different languages. You can choose which language you want to display in the game setting.

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Tiny Rails 3 . screen

The game is simple but it will bring a lot of amazing things

With simple gameplay, the player does not have to control the train with many rules. The train company will grow. But in the game, your train can run in the background even when you are not playing. It will not take much time to perform the trains. You can also outfit your train with food, entertainment or comfortable cars to increase passenger happiness and keep business thriving. This makes the game more realistic.

Besides, the beautiful scenery and pulsating sound helped attract Tiny Rails to many players. Travel the world and explore beautiful locations and famous landmarks. Moreover, the variety of train carriages will help you to create unique trains. The game has more than 5 million installs. Join Tiny Rails, experience fun and surprising things and be the ultimate railway tycoon.