Tower of Fantasy: Equipment System Guide

Tower of Fantasy is an upcoming action MMORPG that has the same emotions as Genshin Impact. In addition, it has a system similar to that of the Genshin Impact tool called the Equipment System. Learn all about the equipment system here.

Equipment System Guide in Fantasy Tower

The Tower of Fantasy equipment system consists of 8 parts in the upcoming global server: Helmet, Shoulder Guard, Armor, Wrist Guard, Belt, Gloves, Pants, And the shoes. Its rarity is gray, green, blue, purple and top gold. You can get the equipment joint operation While you can only get gold rarities in dungeons at level 6-7.

equipment system

Every piece of equipment in Tower of Fantasy will have a base. Upgrading (maximum level 40) a piece of equipment will unlock a boost. In addition, you can use files blue crystals to purchase materials and gold crystals To purchase a rare piece of equipment in the shop. Farmgold and blue crystals by doing dungeon runs, weeklys, and Bygone Phantasm climbing.

Pieces of Equipment also have random stats that will be unlocked when your Piece of Equipment star rises. You must use the same piece of equipment and any rarity to increase the star. In the meantime, you can use a crystal to improve the stats. You can exchange this crystal from the store for a purple crystal.

There is also stat suppressor In the fantasy tower. When you upgrade the star of your piece of equipment, you can get any of the four random effects. The stat blocker will block 1 random effect for you. You can get it by doing weekly newspapers. However, note that you can only block 1 stat.

The equipment system operates a Reward Law When wearing 8 level 10 equipment.