Tower of Fantasy: How to Get a Vehicle | The Chaser

The stands or vehicles in Tower of Fantasy are a good addition to your intelligence and aesthetics in the game. It not only makes you fancy; It also provides you with speed enthusiasts making traveling in Aida’s world easier. We’ll show you how to get Chaser, one of the most famous vehicles in the Tower of Fantasy.

How to get the chaser car into the fantasy tower

The chaser is divided into two parts: minimum and the upper. The former can be found on top of a rusty pink tower, and the latter can be randomly dropped from the two vermin brothers. You can get chased on the first day of playing.

Locating the upper and lower parts

There are 4 bug brothers that you need to defeat in order to get to the bottom. It can be tricky because the bottom has a low drop rate, so it will take a lot of your time to get it.

Insects’ first brother is easy, but 2second abbreviation To the fourth of them is a bit difficult to fight because of their high level. Hit and run is a way to defeat them.

The top can be found at the location shown on the map. It is located on top of the rusty, pink-headed tower.

Enter the building and go up the stairs. There is a golden ball on top of it that gives you the top piece.

Combining the pieces gives you a Chaser, which looks like a flying board.

Fantasy Tower: How to get a car | The stalker first appeared in Games Fuze.

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