Tower of Fantasy: How to Get All the Limited Ingredients for the Aida Cafe Event

Alongside the latest Tower of Fantasy update, you have a new “Aida Cafe” event to look forward to – this puts you in the role of a restaurateur, taking care of the needs of different customers and clients (Simulacra).

During the service in the cafe (on a daily basis) three different customers will come to you, after which you will have to serve up to five courses.

Of course, the range of preference will vary between customers. You will have to choose from the “favorite” meals of the corresponding character to get the most points.

You will be “scored” for each meal in a range of 5-10 points, which translates to how many reward points you get from that customer.

The Aida Cafe event at the Tower of Fantasy will run until September 28, 2022 – so this is a completely limited time affair. To get started, select the gift box in the upper-right corner of the screen, and from there select the Aida Cafe tab in the new menu.

We have all the details regarding the ingredients, the required recipes and the corresponding personal dishes. You can use reward points from the event to get items like a hero shoe guard frame, red core, SSR relic chest, and special vouchers.

Read below to find out how to get all the limited ingredients for an Aida Cafe event.

How to get all the limited ingredients for the Aida Cafe event in Tower of Fantasy

There are a total of seven different limited ingredients that you can find in the world of Aida dedicated to this event. You will need these to make different recipes. A full list, including where to find it, can be found below.

  • turkey: Obtained by killing any kind of hyena (Astra).
  • wild pork: Obtained by killing wild boars in the wild (rare drop; astra).
  • salmon: Obtained by Crown Mines or Warren Snowfield; Collect “Lake Bass”.
  • grapes: Obtained by killing members of the Ravagers (Cetus Island).
  • apple: Obtained by collecting fallen fruits scattered throughout Aida (Banges and Astra).
  • sugar cubes: Obtained by killing members of the heirs of Aida (Bangs).
  • Sesame: obtained during the collection of “brown rice” (navia).

Using these seven ingredients, there are ten total limited recipes exclusive to the Aida Cafe event. You’ll need to know these to serve them in the cast of characters, based on their personal preferences to get the most points from them.

These recipes will also require other ingredients that you should have on hand, or be able to buy/locate easily. The ten descriptions are as follows:

  • Apple juice: 1x apple, 1x sugar cube, 1x soda water.
  • apple cake: 1 poultry egg, 1x brown rice, 1x apple, 1x grape.
  • fruit punch: 1x soda water, 1x grapes, 1x fruit balloon.
  • Gingerbread: 1x honey, 1x brown rice, 1x sugar cube.
  • Small sesame rice dumplings: 1 mushroom, 1x brown rice, 1 sesame seed.
  • fried salmon: 1 x lettuce, 1 x potato, 1 x salmon.
  • Turkish beet soup: 1 mushroom, 1 turkey, 1 potato.
  • roast pig: 1x lettuce, 1x honey, 1x wild ham, 1x sugar cube.
  • Roasted legs with vegetables: 1 turkey, 1 lettuce, 1 mushroom.
  • Braised Turkey with Apple: 1 apple, 1 turkey, 1 potato, 1 broccoli.

Serving the correct dishes for the corresponding characters is an important aspect of the action, which will bring you the highest bonus points possible.

Simply serve 4 of each character’s 5 favorite dishes to reach that limit. You may also notice that some character dishes are standard recipes and are not exclusive to this event.

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